Friday, May 2, 2008

Stress Free Friday....

Oh today was wonderful! I didn't do much of anything! I slept in (well I got about the same amount as normal because I stayed up late, but it felt like sleeping in to me...) and didn't do anything for school today. It was glorious! Next week I will be running around like mad studying and wrapping things up, but this week I was blissfully obligation free in regards to school.

Tonight I went and watched Brooke and Meredith for a couple hours while Dan took Luke to baseball practice and Becky went to see a movie. Brooke is getting so big! What happened to that chunky little 5 month old that I started watching two summers ago?? Now she's walking, talking and potty trained! When I got there she was waiting for me at the front window and I wasn't there 5 minutes before she was asking me if we could go outside so I could "swinga her" on the swingset. I chatted with Becky for a few minutes and then I took the girls outside to swing and play on the slide. Brooke's little laugh as I pushed her on the swing just melted my heart. She is such a character and she cracks me up at some of the things she says. For instance...this was a conversation that took place while I was making dinner and the girls were snacking on cereal.

Meredith: takes bag away from Brooke to grab some cereal for herself

Brooke: NOOO!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

Me: Brooke, don't cry....we have more cereal in the box. Don't worry.

Meredith: sticks her tongue out at Brooke

Me: Mer, that's not nice. Don't do that.

Brooke: You not me best friend no more!

Meredith: (joking) Well you're not my best friend anymore! Megan's my best friend!

Brooke: No Meggy's me best friend.

Meredith: (trying to make amends) Brookie's my best friend (going in for a hug)

Brooke: (pushing Mer away) No! You still not me best friend! Meggy's me best friend!

At this point I starting laughing out loud. It was just the seriousness in her tone and that she was the one that said it first, "You not me best friend anymore". What two year old says that?? Too funny! Of course it wasn't 5 minutes later that they were BFF's again.

I love those girls! I will definitely have to go see them this summer when I have time off of work.
Speaking of work... I went and got my physical yesterday. I was there for an hour and a half. For atleast a half hour I was filling out paperwork. Some questions were 'different'. Have I ever worn a respirator? Am I claustraphobic? (This was asked to me several times and the doc brought it up in the exam room too. Did I sign up to work in a small box or the PICU??) Anyway... I liked the doctor. He was super nice and I didn't feel creeped out at all. The nurse however was another story. He was a little weird, and he didn't seem overly confident in his skills. He was poking around for awhile when he was drawing my blood. He's like, "Oh, I think it rolled on me." Well, maybe if he had the band a little tighter on my arm he could actually see my vein. He had it loosly around my upper arm, so I'm surprised he got what he did. He went for the best vein in my arm and still had trouble. It's a good thing I'm not a wimp and can handle a little bit of pain. Honestly, my arm hurt worse afterward than it did while he was digging around.

Providing the urine sample however was no treat. I knew I had a shy bladder, so I very smartly drank a whole bottle of water on my way there. Well when he's drawing my blood I could feel it coming on that I would have to go to the bathroom, so in my head I'm thinking "Perfect! Only the drug screening left and then I can go to HR and get my id and sign papers and be home before 4:30." WRONG! My bladder, in true form, decided to be shy. Why?!? It was ridiculous! I thankfully got enough out that he could run the test, but it wasn't as much as he would have liked. Seriously though, I can only do so much. I wasn't going to cath myself so he could have a little bit more. It ended up being all clear... no drugs, not pregnant. So off I go to HR. Here I spent another half hour on paperwork and finally got my ID picture taken. It was "eh". (see for yourself)

I finally got home a little after 5 and I was exhausted. However, mom and I still decided to trek to Walmart. I'm glad we did, because we needed food, but that wore me out even more. Oh well, it's over and done with.

Alright, well I should go. More shopping with the sisters tomorrow (for our trip) and then I have a graduation open house. My mom just came in to have me open her Reba season 1 DVD with my pampered chef blade (I love that thing. It opens cd's and dvd's so easily) so she can watch it so I'm gonna go watch some with her. I'll be back later this weekend probably.


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Dave and Andi said...

I'm glad to know that you are clean and baby free. We all know what a druggie you can be. Darn cold medicine and cough drops. Oh wait...that's me this week. haha