Monday, May 19, 2008

Organized Chaos....

Packing is very stressful. You're always left with the feeling that you forgot something, and that is NEVER good feeling. A frustration I have run in to is the fact that I am still using all my bathroom items, so I can't pack them until the last minute. I do not like 'last minute'! So, I am continuing to gather like a little squirrel preparing for winter, and will probably still be packing around 10:30 tomorrow night. :p

For whatever reason today I wondered to myself, "Hmm.. I wonder what a battery falls under in the whole 'packing requirements'?" So online I go to the Delta website to see what they have to say about batteries. A LOT actually. I spent like a half an hour on Delta's website reading about what to do when traveling with batteries. I've come to the conclusion that there are some not so bright people out there in the world that have been the reason for these rules regarding batteries. Example: Don't recharge batteries that are not RECHARGEABLE! I mean come on people! I've pretty much determined that after reading all the 'tips' and 'how to' guides that the two extra batteries I am taking for my camera must be packed in two separate baggies with a piece of tape over the ends, to prevent any contact with metal (i.e. keys, jewelry, etc). Talk about complicated!
Well, only TWO days left! It's getting exciting! We continue to get little bits of advice every day from previous NYC visitors. Yesterday we were told to not even bother going to the zoo because it's nothing like the ones we have here. They just have cage after cage of animals and nothing much different than that. Poor animals! No wonder they dream of wanting to go live in the wild. (Refer to the movie Madagascar)
Well, I should probably get back to packing and such. I still only have pj's and a pair of jeans in my suitcase. Somehow I don't think that's gonna cut it.

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Avery, Brock, and Cora said...

LOL! I love the movie Madagascar!
Have fun packing. You know I live by "last minute" and always pack the night before! : )