Friday, May 30, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 2: Part 3

Day 2: Part 3

So on our way back to the hotel from Ellen's Stardust Diner we went by Times Square. There was a guy singing in the middle section of the Square, but we couldn't see who it was. He was singing the song Dare You to Move by Switchfoot, and Holli immediately stopped and her ears perked. I don't know how long we stood there so that she could listen, but I kept myself busy by taking pictures.

So I take some pictures and Holli has by that time convinced herself that it was David Cook she was hearing (I know... she must have been more tired than we thought). So we cross the street 3 times to see if it's him (which I already knew the answer). This is what we found....

Surprise, wasn't David after all. (Silly Holli!)

So again, we head to our hotel. Once in our room, Lisa thought it would be a good idea to soak our feet in the bathtub, and I agree. My heels were killing me! My poor little feet. :(

After our leisurely little soak and calling/texting people to tell them we would be on Regis and Kelly on Monday we got ready for Wicked. :) Coincidentally the headboard of Lisa's bed was the perfect height to prop up my camera and get a good group shot of the three of us before we left for the show. Gotta love a self-timing camera!

We also got a woman to take a picture of us in front of the Wicked clock at the theatre.

So we walked up to our floor (the Mezzanine entrance) and decided that we should get a souvenir at all the plays we were going to. Well, I didn't want to spend a ton at Wicked since I already had an I <3>

So after we had made our purchase we just stood around and talked until the opened the theatre doors. Well, by this time we had decided we did not drink enough water that day because we were severly parched. So we pondered if we could last through the show or not, and we decided that we couldn't so we went up to the bar and got a water. Do you know how much they charge you for one measely bottle of water?? $4!!! That's highway robbery!! We drank that whole bottle in under a minute between the three of us, but we refused to pay for another on. The funny part of this story is that when we were waiting in line to go into the theatre we saw a water fountain!! We laughed at it (and of course pointed out that it would be an excellent addition to my blog) and then when we discovered we were on the "wrong side" of the theatre to enter we went around to the other side (the side we were originally on before buying the water) and we saw ANOTHER water fountain!! Are you kidding me?!? Good grief! So we enter on the "correct" side only to find that our seats were exactly in the middle of the two sides. I tell ya.....
Hol snapped this photo quickly before the play started.

I think we were all anxious for the play to start, because we enjoyed Wicked when we saw it in Chicago, and I atleast was expecting it to be as good or better. I mean, hello, this is Broadway we're talking about! Elphaba did not disappoint, however G(a)linda could have been better. Oh well, I enjoyed it overall. (Here's a clip from the original Elphaba, Idina Menzel.)

It was almost 11 by the time the play was over, and we walked quickly back to our hotel and got ready for bed. Another full day was ahead of us and we needed every second of sleep we could get.....

Next up for "NYC Recap- Day 3"... The (anyday now) Today show, Staten Island Ferry Schmerry, Ground Zero and St Paul's, The Brooklyn Bridge (<- say with a Brooklyn accent), the Sport's Museum, and "ohmigosh"... Legally Blonde!


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