Saturday, May 10, 2008

What do you think???

Do you like the new look?? I looked through I don't know how many pages of layouts before I settled on this one. I had a consult from my sis and we both liked this one, so here you go. :)

Lot's to talk about, so let's get going....

First off... thank you to all voters who voted in the poll. There were only 11 of you, but I didn't know more than half of you, so it's nice to know I'm entertaining more than just my family and friends with my daily antics. :)

I got lots of shopping done today, and I think I am completely finished with getting clothes for my trip. I found the perfect black tennis shoes today. They were Skechers brand. But of course all the stores that I went to were out of my size. Ugh!! I may have to resort to buying them online through skechers website. Oh well, I got two other pairs of shoes today. One is for work mostly, and the other are cool brown shoes from Rocket Dog. I also found a dress for vacation. And to top it all off everything was on sale today. :) I love me a good sale!

Next topic.... Yes folks, you guessed it. The "toilet paper countdown" is how many days left until I leave for vacation!!! My sis gave it to me yesterday and told me to rip off a square each day. I laughed at her at first but it doesn't stop me from ripping off my one square a day. Eleven more days!!!! More to come on that... I have to get through finals before I can fully immerse myself in vacation to-do's.

As you have probably already noticed I completely changed my playlist. This is a tribute to the vacation. If you haven't figured it out yet...we're going to see the play 'Wicked'. Again... more to come on those details later.

Lastly (I think), what was up with the overseas visitor explosion on my site??? I got hit by TWELVE different countries today on my little ol' blog. And here I was trying to figure out who I knew from Ohio that was visiting (Shoutout to whoever you are! :)). Now I'll be wondering how these people found my site..... All things that keep me up at night. Haha, just kidding....

Alright, well I think that's all for now. Hope you like the changes! More info on vacation coming soon. After Wednesday I'll be able to breath and focus on vacation planning and all that good stuff.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!!!



Dave and Andi said...

Love the new layout. I'm just wondering how you were able to change your layout and keep your extras on the side. Every time I change my layout, it deletes all my extras. Hmmm...something else to ponder. Had fun today! Love ya!

Lisa said...

I also like the new layout...I can't believe we only have 10 days until vacation!!! Yahoo!!! Wicked here we come! I'm feeling good about what I'm taking too. Yesterday I sat down and started lists. Got to love a good list. Well I was up a whole hour before I needed to start getting ready for church. I need to start getting ready for church.