Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You think you haven't heard from me now...

Just wait until October. I will be virtually non-existent on here. I have so much on my calendar for next month it will be Thanksgiving before I know it.

I really can't remember much of the last week besides working. I do know that tonight I went and got a hookup so that I could connect our DVR. Yes, people, we have purchased a DVR. We are finally out of the stone-age! Well, Dad and I are. Mom will very begrudgingly be forced into it. I've already had to write down step by step instructions for mom on how to turn the tv on and off. It will be an adventure for sure.

Tomorrow is Nurse Residency and I couldn't be loathing it more (actually it's after midnight, so it's today). The only reason to wake up in the morning is the fact that the Pumpkin Festival starts tomorrow and I'm very excited to go eat all things pumpkin. Doughnuts, ice cream, etc.... Yum!

I really should go to bed. I'll only get 5 hours as it is. :( Stupid Nurse Residency....


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mr. Sandman and I Have a Close Relationship...

In the past 29 hours I have slept a total of 21 of those.

Yesterday morning when I got off of work I had intended to go to sleep for a couple of hours and then get up as usual to enjoy my two days off. Well, when I got home my mom informed me that she and the girls were running to the mall and a few other places so I of course wanted to go as to not miss out on the fun activities. I jumped in the shower real quick and made myself some coffee. We were out the door a little after 8:30a.

I wasn't feeling too bad. I was surprisingly awake for having just worked three nights in a row and getting up early the day before so I could attend my family's annual fish fry. We ran to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target [Where I got another coffee. Mmm... hello Pumpkin Spice Latte. It was nice to get reacquainted.], a few other miscellaneous places, and then lunch at the Olive Garden. Soup, salad & bread sticks! We ran a few other places I can't recall at this time. My mind was getting fuzzy at this point.

We arrived home a little after 1p and I jumped on my computer to check email, facebook, and a few blogs. I also emailed Holli a Ha-larious video from a SNL skit and then noticed that I was falling asleep while still poised to type on the computer. I thought it best to put the laptop down before it slipped off my lap onto the floor. I threw some pj's on and was sound asleep a few minutes after 2p.

I woke up around 7:45p to go to the bathroom [two coffees, and two tall glasses of water will do that to ya]. I promptly crawled back into bed and fell asleep until 2a. I knew I was going to be wide awake at some ungodly hour of the morning. So I laid in bed for a good 15 minutes before I decided I should just get up and do something. I grabbed my computer on my way back from the bathroom and cruised the internet for a while, while also texting some friends. Yes, I had friends still awake. They were on break at work.

Funny thing about texting... I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near my phone during sleep hours. I texted my friend Robin about something earlier in the day before I fell asleep and she replied to me after I'd fallen asleep. I thought I replied rather coherently for being half asleep but I did not. Here is our conversation:

Me: J wanted me to tell you something. [insert something]. (1:08p)
Robin: How is J? and where was that hook thing i want that (2:49p) [I had sent her a pic of these hook decorations earlier that day that I thought would go well in her bathroom.]
Me: J is ok. tj seaid (2:51p)
Robin: what did you say after u said j was ok (2:52p)
Me: haha, sorry I meant to say targwt but I was half asleep when I sent that. (7:15p)
Robin: No problem do u know how much it was what aisle was it in (10:39p)
Me: I don't but it was by the camdles in the back. (10:40p)
Me: Ok i seriously was half asleep when I sent you that second message too. I stayed up until 2a and am just now awake. :p I really saw those hooks at KOHL's by the candles. Lol! (2:15a)
Robin: ok hilarious i shall check it out (3:06a)

So apparently I misspell when I'm asleep as well as mix up stores and flat out lie. I say I'm awake when really I'm not. Atleast I had enough sense to go back and look at my texting transactions to catch my mistake. What a dork!

I stayed up for four hours and after eating some toast I fell back asleep around 6a. I was intending on only sleeping a few hours and then getting up. After all, I had just slept a full 12 hours. No need for too much more sleep. Wrong! I slept until 3p! What is my problem?? Once I was fully awake I went upstairs to see what was going on. I could hear my dad outside with the dog and I knew my mom was at work. I was looking at something on the kitchen counter when I could feel it coming on.... everything was going black.... my head felt like 100lbs weighing on my neck. I hurried and rushed to the living room, which was no easy feat since I was seeing dark splotches in front of my eyes. I threw myself onto the couch and took nice deep breaths. In through my nose, out through my mouth. I didn't actually faint to the full extent, so I was able to relax and pull it together. Pathetic. I had been vertical all of 2 minutes and I was within seconds of passing out cold on the kitchen floor. [Wouldn't be the first time.] I quickly thought in my mind what I could eat to raise my blood sugar a bit and slowly transitioned from laying down to a sitting position. I was successful and soon was in the kitchen eating pretzels and trail mix. That seemed to do the trick.

Now, here I am sitting in bed (again) with my laptop on my fancy new lap desk from Borders. I am hoping to be able to fall asleep sometime before 3a since I have to work tomorrow night. We'll see...

I'm off to eat some of my dad's delicious apple pie. Later Peeps....


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Me!

What's a girl to do on her birthday? Well, since I was on my own until dinner time I decided to sleep in a little. What better present is there than sleep? I'm not sure.

I got up at 10:30a, ate some toast and got ready. I was determined to not stay at home all day on "my" day. Well, once I was ready I couldn't decide what to do. I hadn't thought the plan out very well obviously. After texting with my sis for a little bit I decided to head out to the bank to cash a check, then go to Sonic for a birthday treat. Who am I kidding? I would have gone regardless of it being my birthday, but I did treat myself to some mozzarella sticks. Yum! Sadly this was all before 2p so I had to pay full price for my DCL (and don't think I didn't consider waiting, but since I was already out I thought it would be a waste to come back). Once I had my food I decided to head to the park. It was just so nice out I couldn't stand the thought of going back inside just yet. So there I was... at the park... sitting in my car...alone. Some may have thought it pathetic, but there was also a middle-aged woman doing the same thing. ...Don't say anything.

After that I ran by my cousins house to return a book and dvd I had borrowed, snuggled one of her babies for a little while and headed home so my grandparents could come visit me. It's their annual tradition to come over on our birthdays and visit for awhile, since our lives are so busy any other time, they make it a point to see everyone on their birthdays.

For dinner the sisters brought LaGondola (yum!) and then us girls headed off to a baby shower for someone at church.

This shower was the strangest one I've ever been to. When we got to the shower all was fine and dandy. The guest of honor wasn't there yet, but the cutest decorations were around. The shower was for a baby girl to be named Grace and her theme was cowgirl. Adorable!! However, when the mama fially arrived she informed us all that at her doctor's appointment today they told her it was a BOY! She's due in 2 weeks!!! Talk about a surprise! The grandma pulled out a sonogram and said "Who's a nurse?". I didn't want to say, but of course everyone around me is saying "Megan is!" Thanks for ratting me out people! So I looked at the sono for her and sure enough there was a male piece of the anatomy for all the world to see. Poor baby! Exposed before he'd even entered the world officially. The saddest part about the whole thing is that then she had to open all of these gifts from people and 90% of them were pink! I felt so bad for her. It was so funny, because if something was unisex people would start applauding and the mom would go "This will work!" Poor thing!

On the way home I got serenaded by my mom and sisters. Can you guess the song? ;)

So, here I am.... the Birthday Girl... All 23 years of me. :) [No pictures with anyone else, so all you get is me...sorry.]

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and cards!