Friday, May 30, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 3

Lots of storms today. I don't mind storms if I don't have to be out in them. Today however, I was out in them. I went to lunch with my cousins, aunt, and grandma. Then I went back to my cousin Andi's house to look at my trip pics (and play with her puppy Lucy). Busy day tomorrow... baby shower in the morning, lunch with the girls, and then I hope to squeeze in a nap before I have to work at 7p. We'll see if that actually happens. I doubt it. On to the recap................

Day 3

This day started VERY early for us. I was not feeling rested, ecspecially since we did not get to bed until almost midnight because we got home from Wicked so late. We couldn't very well skip out on the Today show though since we had told pretty much everybody that we were going. Plus, we had a sign.

So anyway... we left our hotel at 6am so that we could go stand in line with a bunch of other people until the show started at 7. Now something that we didn't take into account was that we would be live for a whole hour before the show even started airing at home. So we're holding our sign up high for the camera and it was all for nothing, because the people we wanted to see our sign weren't able to even watch yet. Oh the frustration! As we stood in a sea of people we were lucky enough to hear the musical guest (Alanis Morisette) do two warm up songs. Good thing too, because we were NOT staying that long to wait and hear her.
Also, while we were standing outside waiting for Matt to check back in with Al for the weather (:p) a spontaneous thumb war broke out among some highschoolers in the crowd. We think they were there on a school trip. They all had a bit of a twang to their voice, so they must have been from the south. That broke up the time a little by watching them. Who knew thumb wars could be so interesting... I was going to get a picture, but by the time I thought of it and had my camera out they had stopped. :(
I think we lasted all of 5 minutes once Today started airing at home. We called home from the cab and told them they could stop watching because we left. No use in them sitting there looking for us when we weren't even there anymore.

Where were we headed next? Staten Island Ferry... to see Lady Liberty. So we arrived there at about 8:20 and were just in time for the 8:30 ferry. It figures though that we would get the retarded ferry that doesn't have an observation deck. So we were limited to taking pictures through the dirty windows on the inside of the icky ferry. My pictures actually didn't turn out too bad, but I suggest that if you want to ride the Staten Island ferry you pick your ferry wisely. I much rather would have been on the outside of it instead of on the inside. Ick! But, atleast we can say we saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I will always have my pictures to remember them.

Once our hour long ferry ride was over we hit the bathrooms and made a quick pitstop at a little bakery in the building. It was the cheapest place thus far that we had purchased anything. We got 4 cookies and a bottle of water each. It was Poland Water.... I didn't think it tasted Polish, but what do I know....

So we got a cab and headed toward Ground Zero. It was much different than what I thought it would be. There were construction workers working on the site, and there were fences all around that were covered with big tarps. We had to go up on a walkway above the road to look down on the area. It was all kind of surreal.

After we took some pictures there we walked to St Paul's Cathedral to check that out. There were memorials set up inside for the people who died on 9/11 and for the courageous people who volunteered to help during that time. It was a little weird that they had turned a church into a museum of sorts, and it was even more weird to me that there was a "gift shop" area. I don't know, it just felt kind of wrong to me. It was interesting to see some of the items that were inside though, like all the patches from firefighters and volunteers around the world.

We could only stay there for a few minutes, because we are on a serious time crunch with all the things we were trying to fit in that day. So we left St Paul's and headed toward our next destination.... the Brooklyn Bridge.


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