Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Come one, Come all....

Ok, people....let's do a simple exercise.

I added a poll on the sidebar. ->

This is about how you found my blog. The whole thing is totally anonymous and all you have to do is click twice (once for your choice, and second for you to submit your vote). Simple! It seems I have some comment-shy readers out there, and this is a safe and friendly way to figure out who's reading without revealing your identity.

Other than this I have no ideas as to what to do to get you people commenting. I mean for pete's sake I got more comments on a post about NKOTB than anything else. That's sad.

Please, just take a few seconds to take the poll. What could it hurt?



P.S.-- I'm not really sure why it only gives you 6 days to vote. I didn't do that.

1 comment:

Dave and Andi said...

So I was going to put that it was an accident that I found your blog, but it wasn't going to say my name so I thought it would be pointless. You wouldn't have been able to see the humor. :-)