Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 1: Part 2

So let's review Day 1 so far..... I'm running on 3 hours of sleep, plane ride #2 of the day was quite turbulent, Lisa was "Holy Cow" excited about flying, we arrived at LaGuardia and had to be towed into our gate due to some issues with the plane.
Ok, now that we're back up to speed, let's continue.....

Day 1: Part 2

So we finally get towed into our gate and we get off of the plane. Thankfully we are still alive and out flight was only about 10 minutes late due to the "mechanical difficulties". So we're headed toward baggage claim to meet our driver Howie (if that was even his real name) and Hol get's a call on her cell. It's none other than "Howie" calling to see if we were there yet (because Lord knows flights are ALWAYS on time and if we're 10 minutes late we must have stood him up and he's out his money for the day which was a considerable amount since he was picking us up from the airport, taking us on a tour, and then dropping us off at our hotel when we were able to check into our hotel).
I digress..... So Hol said we had just arrived and we were headed toward baggage claim as they spoke. Well, let me preface this next part with the fact that the three of us were discussing on the flight what Howie would look like. All we knew about him was that he worked for this driving company and someone Hol knows through her work had given her the number because she had just used his driving services on her recent trip to NYC. So we're talking about how he would maybe be bald (I think we had Deal or No Deal Howie on the brain), and Lisa said she thought he would have salt and pepper hair. Well, he had salt and pepper hair alright. He also needed to run a comb through that salt-n-peppa hair of his. It probably wouldn't have hurt if he'd been dressed nicely either. No, when we saw him, holding his little bitty sign that had out last name on it, we knew something was off. Well, Hol and I knew, Lisa was kind of oblivious to the situation at this point (It's probably better that way anyway). He was not dressed up at all, and like I said before he was a bit, um... disheveled.
So anyway, we go to the carousel and get our bags. Then we went outside and started toward his "company car". Oh my word. It was beat up piece of junk and AWFUL inside. I mean if he had really been an employee of the company he said he was his car would have been in much better shape. His drivers seat (which I was sitting behind) was seriously messed up. It was lopsided and the padding was coming out at the bottom. While the three of us girls were briefly alone in the car while he did something in the trunk we discussed how something was off and he obviously did not work for the company he said he did.
Don't get me wrong, I in no way felt in danger, and he was nice, it was just the fact that he was....untruthful? that irked us. So, since this is not my favorite part, I'll be brief..... He took us on a tour of the city for about 2 hours, because we couldn't check in to our hotel until then. He took us to China town, Little Italy, SoHo, past Battery Park, and a few other places that I can't think of right now. Basically we had him take us by some places that we knew we weren't going to be able to go back to (China town, Little Italy, SoHo...)

When he dropped us off at the hotel (which was VERY nice by the way, but we'll get to that soon) the Bell hop's were right there to greet us. Hol paid Howie and then he quickly got in his car and drove away (or atleast tried to...it's New York... no one is moving anywhere too fast on a busy street). One of the Bell hop's immediately came up to me and started asking me questions about Howie.... Basically, our suspicions were confirmed. Howie was a dirtball who didn't work for the company he said he did. (We pretty much knew that the second we saw him.) The nice bell hop's told us that from then on if we needed to go somewhere we should tell them and they would get a car/cab for us. Sounds good to me! The sooner we can put "Howie" behind us the better!
Well, since that part of the trip was not so great I will end this right here and the next part will happier. "NYC Recap- Day 1: Part 3".... Our hotel and the journey to dinner.....
Stay tuned......

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