Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ho Hum.....

Well, I decided that I wanted to add the other playlist, but it was being a little freaky, so we are left with the vacation soundtrack. :( Sorry if you were looking forward to some new music.

So I barely know what to do with myself, not having to study or anything. I plunged right into a project this afternoon. I didn't realize it, but I was WAY behind in creating back up cd's for my purchased itunes songs. I had like 60 songs that I didn't have a back up of. Can you imagine if my computer crashed or something and I lost all those purchased songs?? I would so cry!

I think tomorrow I may clean. I know.....exciting! You got a better offer?? My bookshelf is in some major need of TLC as well as my closet. Remember those pics of my clean closet that I took over Christmas break (I think)... well it looks like that no longer. My spring/summer side is totally out of control. I need my purging sister to come help me. :) It's like her favorite thing to do...throw things away. My bathroom also needs a little tidying up. My hair is so thick, and you would think I would be bald if you saw all the hair in my bathroom. What can I say....I shed.

SEVEN days!!!! That's ONE WEEK!!! How crazy is that??

It's almost not real. I know we've been talking about it for forever, but it still doesn't seem real that 7 days from now I will be sitting in my hotel room watching the AI finale. Hmm... craziness!

Well, I think I might go read a book or something. I will more than likely flip on the tv and fall asleep or something, but atleast I'll get a couple pages read first. :) Hope everyone is having a splendid week! Mine got a whole lot better at 9:55 this morning. :)


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hol said...

I agree it's hard to believe next week we will be watching David COOK win AI and crashing afterwards from getting up at 3:00A.M. Can't wait!!