Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where in NYC are Hol-Lis-Meg?: Part 1

As you read this I am probably boarding a plane, sitting on a plane, or arriving somewhere. Or for you late readers I am in my hotel room watching the American Idol finale (Go David!)

Per the itinerary we are eating dinner at Pinch

and S'Mac (gourmet mac & cheese)

(never fear, we should come out relatively unharmed :p)

Then Hol has listed a couple other places for us to snack at (Crumbs (dessert type food i.e. cupcakes, brownies, etc) and Pinkberry (frozen yogurt with lots of different toppings i.e.- almonds, chocolate chips, fruity pebbles, fruit, etc.).

(This is a yummy sprinkle cupcake from Crumbs)

Tune in tomorrow for more than just food......


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