Sunday, May 4, 2008

Enough Already!!

I am officially non-compliant. That's what we in the medical field call people who don't follow medical directions. I can't take it anymore though!! I'm not taking my Augmentin anymore! I'm sick of feeling sick and even worse it always hits me at night and then I don't sleep very well. That can NOT happen. I have one week left of classes and then finals. I refuse to be feeling icky because of a stupid antibiotic! It's not all that bad though, because she actually gave me a few extra days of it to "make sure we get it all". I've already had a full 8 days in me. I don't need the other two. I'm feeling a little better now, so I'm moving on with my day as usual. I did miss church this morning though. :( Stupid medicine!

I'm supposed to be going to a movie and dinner with some girlfriends tonight, so hopefully I continue on the road to recovery and am able to go. I feel fine other than some pesky GI issues every once in awhile. I know....TMI. So yea, if I end up going I'll do a movie review and such when I get home. I know you all just LOVE when I do that. :)

Oh, before I forget...Shoutout to my friend Rach who just graduated from college yesterday! Holla!!!! She definitely saw the "official" light at the end of the tunnel. For me... it's still just a speck.

Ok, well stay healthy people. Summer is just around the corner I can feel it! 70+ degree weather here we come!!!


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