Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blonde with Red highlights...

Yes, I know... I thought I'd squeak in one more posting for April.

This post will be a bit of a hodge podge, but what's new?

I ran to Schnucks to get a bag of ice yesterday for my mom. Forget the fact that I could have gone to the gas station that was less than a mile away from my house as opposed to the 5 I drove to Schnucks. I went in, grabbed my bag of ice and got in the "20 items or less" aisle. As I stood there behind 3 people my gaze naturally fell on the woman in front of me in line. I glanced in her cart and easily saw more than 20 items. That's so annoying! It's an express lane for a reason people! The boy/man in front of her had a donut and a drink, so he was clearly in the 20 items or less range. I had a bag of ice, and the two people that got in line behind me had a half dozen items each. I'm not sure if the lady could feel our eyes boring holes in the back of her head for daring to get in the express lane with more than the allotted items, but she glanced around a couple times and then took off toward the frozen foods. It was a little odd, but atleast she got out of line. Ha! Victory! Then as I waited for the boy/man's donut and drink to be rung up the two people behind me in line also took off. It wasn't like they were headed to another check out lane either. They were headed in the opposite direction. I have no idea what happened. It was weird.

I've taken up running. Well, sort of. I'm working my self up to it. I don't run for very long, so I would hardly call it "running" I run for like .45 miles. I'm a baby runner. I'm determined to get fit and lose weight for vacation which is at the end of May. I surely can do some improving by then. :) I have a killer blister on my right heel though. I bought new shoes while out running errands yesterday and I should have worn taller socks with them the first time. I got done running and my heel had broken open and I bled all over the heel of my new shoes! Ahh! Thankfully some water and Bath & Body soap got it right out. Phew!

As I was roaming around walmart today I was in the hair product aisle when I overheard an 80 year old (I'm guessing here) woman and a middle aged man talking about hair color. The woman was wearing a ratty old grey sweater and her hair was grey and silver and looked like it hadn't been combed yet today. The man however was dressed to the nines. He had on a pinstripe suit and a matching fedora. I was puzzled by the pair. Then the man started talking about which hair color he was thinking. "Maybe I'll dye it all blonde and do red highlights. Or I could just color the tips red." Old woman: "You're gonna color your hair red?" I didn't want to know anymore than that, and the speculations could go on forever, so I politely moved past them and acted like I'd never encountered them at all.
I'm now back to my beloved night shift. :) My first night was Monday, and it was crazy from the very minute I walked in. I was surprisingly not tired at all until right at 7a. It was quite different than day shift, so I have 5 more shifts to get acclimated before I'm on my own. Eek! Scary!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When it Rains, It Floods...

Yes, that's right. Our house has flooded.

My dad went down to investigate the hot water heater on Sunday night, because my mom wasn't getting even remotely warm water for her bath. What did he find? The water had risen so high it had burnt out the pilot light in the water heater.

After sucking 100+ gallons of water up and 3 hours later the situation was looking grim. He had to turn the water off, but he didn't think that it was our problem. He thought it was the city. Right-o he was. He was forced to take a personal day from work on Monday so he could stay home and keep cleaning out the mud and water drenched items that we had been storing in our basement.

Thankfully several people from our church came to help in the effort and mom and Holli took off early from work. I was at work until almost 8 o'clock, so once I finally got home the disaster was managed.

The girls stayed the night on "Rain Duty". They were both up every half hour to make sure it wasn't raining. I was exhausted from my lack of sleep the night before and a full day at work, so once I was out that was the end of it. I didn't hear much again until almost 6am when Lisa came into my room so mom could let the dog out of her pen.

There were only minor sprinkles today, so we didn't have to take anymore drastic efforts to keep water out. The sink hole hasn't gotten any bigger...oh yea, did I forget to mention we have a sink hole in the front yard? There is currently a construction easel looking thing (for lack of a better word) over it so no one walks into it and we have spray paint lines and flags all over our yard and street. I can only imagine what it will all look like once the city comes out to fix it. Hopefully it's soon since Sun-Tues is expected to have rain.

Well, now you know what we've been up to. I've been working mostly. I go to nights next week. I can't believe it's almost May. The weather sure doesn't feel like it. I guess April showers bring May flowers.... Stupid saying... More like April showers bring sink holes and mud into your basement to muck up all your treasured items in storage. *sigh*...


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joyful Easter!

Joyful Easter everyone!

Yes, I know. People usual wish you a "Happy Easter", but today I just feel that what happened on "Easter" is so much more than just happy. It was downright joyful!

Can you even believe that it is almost the middle of April? Wasn't it just March like yesterday?! I'm looking forward to warmer weather and lazy summer days. :)

For the past two weeks I've been dreaming of going to the beach. Warm sunshine, sea air, sand beneath my feet.... *sigh* I think I'm definitely going to be one of those old people that retires in Florida.

Well, I'm feeling kind of drowsy so I might go lay down with a book for a bit. I've come to the conclusion that my "cold" is actually sinus issues, so I switched medicine. I've felt much better the last two days, with the exception of my nose. I'm hoping to kick this thing in the next day or two.

Hope everyone is joyful and healthy!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No words...

Well, I've been busy yet again with work and such, so that is why there haven't been any posts in over a week.

We got snow again yesterday, but like last Sunday it was prettty much melted by the end of the day. Ok, so here's the deal. It's April now. In the blink of an eye it will probably be days away from May and I'm just about sick of this below 40 degree weather. It is Spring. I want 60+ degree weather with sunshine. Is that too much to ask???

I have a cold. :( It started Sunday afternoon. The sore throat was the worst part! No more sore throat today though. Yay! I just have my nose to deal with now. It's mostly runny but it's clear, so I'm sticking to my Tylenol Cold and am going to see where it takes me. No fever, and I feel fine, so I guess I'll ride it out. I know who I got it from, but to protect that person I shall let them remain nameless. :p

This weekend was rough for me at work. I'm still loving it, there were just experiences that I haven't had that forced me to stretch and grow in a way I haven't had to before. I'm glad I got those experiences in orientation. If I had been by myself I surely would have been unable to keep my head above water. Thank goodness for preceptors!

Well, I think I'm going to go relax on the couch and read a book. :)