Friday, May 16, 2008

The Old(er) & the Restless

Oh my, what has my dad gotten us into? Izzy is here, and I think the whole neighborhood knows it. She has the most high-pitched bark I have ever heard. It's ear-piercing! Poor Sydney is running around trying to get away from her, but Izzy never tires!! It's like she has energizer batteries installed. Sydney's only about 3 years older than Izzy, but when you look at her tired little eyes you would think she was 20 years older. The only time she can get Izzy to stay still is by pinning her down with her head. Haha... it sounds cruel, but it's the funniest thing, and Izzy actually burrows in closer. I'll try and get a picture of it sometime this weekend. We have Izzy for the next two days, so poor Sydney will crash come Sunday night.

Tomorrow I am watching the girls, but we will spend part of the day at my house watching the dogs. I don't know how long we'll last, but the plan is to be here from lunchtime until around 3 or so when my mom gets home. We'll see what actually happens tomorrow.

Well, it's that time. You guessed it... it's COUNTDOWN TIME!!! If you've been keeping up (which I'm sure you have) we are to number FIVE!!!!!
Five days until we leave.

That's insane! I had my dad bring up my suitcase today, and Sunday I will probably start loading stuff in. Can't do it too soon with some things because I'll still be using them (i.e. my toothbrush, hair straightener, etc.).

Well, I think I'm going to read a little bit more before I head off to bed. Have a lovely Saturday, since I won't probably get to post until way late tomorrow night.


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