Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Race

Well, my second consecutive year of participating in the Race for the Cure has come to an end. Fun was had by all, although getting up so early was not the most enjoyable thing for me today. It was a little chilly this morning when i woke up, but I dressed in three layers on my upper body and kept warm quite nicely. It was nice to see a bunch of my cousins get together since we never really get to spend much time together other than when we are celebrating a birthday. Well it wasn't anyone's birthday, but we were celebrating today....

Here are a few pics of the day. I didn't get a chance to get a photo of the crowd because at that point in the race we were still in the thick of people when it would have been a good time to get a photo. I didn't want to get run over, but trust me, there were A LOT of people there. Men and women. My future mate was even there, or atleast we thought. (Haha... it's a shame my cousins Michelle and Rachel don't read this. They would be the ones laughing with me about this.)

(My Aunt Kim... just a few months cancer free)

(My tags on my back)

(Three of my cousins...Rachel, Lindsey, was very bright outside. Haha, poor Lindsey)

(The big group of us....too many to name. Mostly they are aunts, cousins, and grandmas :))

Well, only a mere 4 hours before my blog layout will be changed. Can you feel the excitement building??? :)

I would also like to take this time to personally thank Robin for ruining my lab coat. Thanks so much you big goober!


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