Sunday, August 31, 2008

(Not so) Amateur Photo Session...

Well, today was the first "session" for my graduation open house invite. I enlisted my sis, Holli, to take the pictures, because this was a fun idea we had and didn't want to have to spend a small fortune on an "experienced" photographer. Well, Hol in turn enlisted a family friend, Tara, to help with the photos. She has a swanky, professional camera and she took a photography class. She said she just wanted to play around and help us out, but don't let her fool you... she's AMAZING!

Here are some out takes from the day, because you'll just have to wait until the real thing to see the REALLY good ones. :) Enjoy.....

( This was before we even started. Hol just snapped a pic of me real quick.)

(Lisa was an exceptional assistant/hair fixer)
(This was an action shot. I quickly fell to the ground because my legs weren't strong enough to hold me up. Haha!)

(We tried to work with this fountain at the Gateway, and Tara got one good one, but these weren't my favorite. Plus, it was hotter than blazes in the sun!)


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

Well, I'm technically late on this post, but I was not late in real life, so I guess this doesn't count...
Anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLI! You're -- years old! :) I'm not sharing your age, but really no one would believe you were that age anyway. You still look like you're my age. :)

My sister. The sister that I am 10 years and 3 days apart from. The sister who always helps me with my school work. The sister that always takes me somewhere if I need it. The sister who sings to me in the car when no one else is around. The sister who shops with me for birthday cards to give to one another when we are standing right next to eachother. The sister I can share my frustrations with and she will listen patiently. The sister I act so much alike. My friend.

Although those are just a few things I could never really put into words how much I love my big sis and how much she means to me, so this little blog entry will just act as a snippet.

Happy Birthday Holli!

I love you to pieces!


Monday, August 25, 2008

What to do...

...when you don't have a raft to float on.


This blog is going to be mostly pictures, because I really need to be working on homework. I have another chapter to read and some questions to answer, so if I have time to come back and post later I will. On to the pictures....

One day last week I heard Sydney messing around in the blinds upstairs, so I went to investigate to make sure she wasn't doing anything she wasn't supposed to. Well, I saw this.

Nothing unusual. She loves to lay in the blinds. I guess it was just taking her longer to get situated than normal. Goofy dog!

Next... Also last week, I was sitting on the couch in the living room working on the laptop and Sydney kept panting and coming up to me. I thought maybe she had to go out. Well, she kept doing that, so I went to flip on the fan on the floor and she plopped right down and fell asleep. Of course when I went to get the camera she woke up. She thinks she's human sometimes. She used to hate that fan when she was little, but now she loves it and lays right in front of it.

This next pic was from yesterday. I was walking on the Gazelle and my dad was working on the computer on the couch. Sydney came and sat right next to him and then before too long she laid down and rested her head on his feet. I thought it was so cute. She just can't be close enough to him.

Well, I better get back to work. It's gorgeous outside and I want to be out enjoying it, but alas I am inside working on managment. Ick!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Overwhelmed.. Now that's an understatement!

I don't even know where to begin...

This week was my first week back to school and all I want to do is crawl under a rock. I have never had so many projects/papers/assignments in one semester before. I'm trying to "work ahead" but even that seems difficult. It's pretty much a well known fact that in nursing school you are behind before you even start. When you go to class they want to go over class expectations and the entire semester overview in an hour and then dive into material. How does that work if you are supposed to read assigned chapters beforehand? We only just started!

One thing that comes along with being in my last semester is an unfathomable amount of Online questions. We are expected to do 250 practice NCLEX questions in addition to almost as many or more online questions every month. That's approximately 500 questions a month (every 4 weeks to be exact) in addition to clinical paperwork, studying for exams, doing projects, writing papers... the list goes on. In all actuality this probably will not be as horrendous as it all first sounds. I will get my little self organized, work ahead as much as possible, and take things one day at a time. I will survive. I will pass. I will not freak out!

In addition to all of this school drama I am in the middle of the application process for RN positions. In nursing you apply for positions before you even graduate. I am roughly 4 months away from graduation and they already want us applying. I have applied and have my interview set up for next Friday. It's that quick! I have some small adjustments to make to my resume/cover letter and then I will be ready to go. Pray that this process goes well for me. I'm kind of getting used to it, with all the ones I've done previously, but this is the BIG one.

I'm trying to put these last 16 weeks of school into perspective. I keep setting time frames up in my head. When Halloween gets here I will be over halfway done. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around I will only have one week left of school! By Christmas I will be out of school and preparing for NCLEX (AHHH!). ... If I can make it to week 12 I think I will be doing good. That's 3/4 of the way done. I have projects and papers due pretty close together and if I can just make it to that point I will be nearly home free.

Well, I am off to do more online questions.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Medical Humor...

Now that I'm in the medical field I notice a lot more instances of "medical humor". For instance my friend Robin was talking about a part in the movie Madagascar that she was laughing at and as she reinacted it for me I was laughing too. I had forgotten about that particular part in the movie. Here it is ... Enjoy!

(Side note... Yes, I know there are typos in the subtitles, but this is the only clip I could find of this part of the movie.)


Where did the last few days go?

This I ask you...

Did you miss me? :)

I can't believe that it will be Wednesday tomorrow. It was just last Wednesday that I had my little "allergic reaction episode". Since then I've been feeling kind of ick. I'm not sure if it's my medicine (which by the way I forgot to take tonight...shoot!) or if it's just because I'm tired. I ended up missing working Wednesday night, because well... you know. I can't very well work when I'm a patient in the ER. So I moved my night to work to Thursday night.

Thursday. That was a crazy night and thankfully it was only 3-11p. However, me being the person that I am I stayed over to help another tech get vitals and such at 11, so I didn't end up clocking out until almost 11:30. I came home, took my medicine and ate a little something (because if I don't eat with my medicine I get sick) and then I hopped in the shower. It was half past midnight before I actually crawled into bed. Any other night that wouldn't have been a problem but Friday I was going to Chicago for the day and we were leaving at 7a, which meant I had to be up by atleast 5:30 to get ready.

Friday. Getting up early was not fun. There was no chance of sleeping in the van either, because when you get more than two of us girls in the car it's a chat-fest. I went with my sister Holli, Aunt Kim, cousin's Rachel and Michelle, and Michell's husband Jon. He was our driver. :) We went to IKEA to get some college dorm stuff for Rach and then we headed to the mall. I can't say that I was looking for anything specific, but finding more than a pair of bermuda shorts, a top, and some blush would have been nice. Oh well. The time with family was enjoyable, even if the shopping wasn't great. We got home about 8:30 and I don't even remember what I did.

Saturday. I slept in until about 1p on Saturday because I had to work that night. I just spent a lazy afternoon around the house and that was pretty much it. We were dog-sitting, so we pretty much stayed home and did nothing but watch the Olympics on tv. That night I went to work and spent my last night orienting. It was a rather slow night until 3am. I was bored, tired, and was still feeling a little icky at times. Nothing much to report on the work front.

Sunday. I got home at about 7:30 and ate some breakfast really quick. I was eager to crawl into bed and catch a couple hours of sleep. I had already decided I wasn't going to sleep all day since I needed to be awake during the day this week because of school. I went to sleep before my parent's left for church and my mom woke me up when she got home at about 12:30. I ended up crawling out of bed at 1:15 and took a shower after I ate a little something. It was about 2:15 when it went downhill. I had a stomache bug! So disgusting... I felt like my body was full of lava. I endured this ickiness for about 4 hours and then it finally quit. I was exhausted by that point and lay on the couch all night with the two dogs and watched the Notebook while reading a little bit of Harry Potter. Then I watched the Notebook again, read a little more Harry Potter and was asleep by 11p.

Monday. I got up a little bit early because I wanted to be able to enjoy my last day of freedom. I finished reading HP, watched some of the Olympics and then ran a few last minute school supply errands. Basically the day was spent relaxing and trying to gain enough strength to get me through the next three days.

Tuesday. Finally we arrive to today. My last first day of school (for awhile anyway). It was a long day, and yet it felt like it went pretty fast. SO much information was crammed into this 7 hour day. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but I've resolved to just take it one step at a time and one week at a time. Seventeen weeks until Graduation! There is lots to do, lots to purchase, and much to cram into my head, but I think I can do it. I mean I've been in school for 17 years I think I can handle 1 more semester. After all, this is what I've been waiting for!

Now that you are caught up on my life I should really get back to doing something for school. First I need to go take my medicine and then I think I'll read a chapter for Management or something. Doesn't that sound like so much fun? Yea right!


Back to School...

In honor of my first day back to school, I thought I would share our youth group's Back to School Bash promo video.
If you watch carefully you may see a familiar face operating the sound room. :)

More to come later on what's been going on this last week.....


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Allergic Reaction in Trauma 2...

This morning I went to the doctor for my sinus infection/cold because I really want to kick it in the butt before school starts. So I got there a little early, sat in the waiting room for a whole 5 seconds (seriously) and then went back to the room to wait for the doctor. That took about 10 minutes, and the music was putting me to sleep. Well, the Doc finally got in there he looked at me and listened and wrote SINUSITIS on my chart. Figures. Evertime I get a cold it turns into a sinus infection. So he writes me a prescription, tells me to keep taking my tylenol cold and sends me on my way.
I picked up my meds and went home. I took them both at noon, because I figured I could take them again when I got home from work and then I would be good until morning.
Well, not so much. At 1 o'clock I started getting ready for work and I noticed that my chest felt really tight and my face was starting to feel hot and I was a little nauseous. Well, I went to look at the slip of paper my medicine came with to make sure I shouldn't have had to eat with it. Well, I didn't, but I went ahead and ate some rice crispies anyway. I went back down stairs and my chest discomfort was just not relieved by anything and my face was getting hotter along with my ears feeling really weird. Then my neck started feeling hot and was breaking out in a rash. That's when I started to panic.
I called my mom and told her what was happening and she called the doctor. They weren't very helpful. They said to discontinue my amoxicillin (DUH!) and they would prescribe me something new. They said if I got worse to go to urgent care. Well, I was starting to freak out a little bit, and even though my mom kept offering to come home I told her she should stay at work because Dad was on his way home for lunch. The rash kept spreading and before I knew it the rash was all over my chest, neck and face.

Well, Dad got home and got me an ice pack and then I hopped into a cold shower. That didn't help at all. The water wasn't cold enough because my skin felt like it was on FIRE! When I got out the rash had spread down to my stomach and back and my upper thighs. Then I was really itching!!! Dad made the decision that we should just go to Urgent Care, so off we went.
Once we were in the car I started to feel really sick and I could feel my neck getting swollen and tight as well as my forehead and by my eyes. Did I mention my lips were red and swollen too? We walked in and as soon as I was up to the desk they all looked at me and a nurse whisked me back to Triage to take my blood pressure, pulse ox, and heart rate. My heart rate was double what it should have been. She was working really fast I think she was worried my throat was going to close up and she wanted an IV in me fast!
She led me back to TRAUMA 2 and I quickly got into a gown and she hooked me up to the heart monitor and pulse ox. By that time a doctor and 4 or 5 nurses were in the room busy at work. By this time pretty much my whole body had swelled up... my face, hands, legs, feet, etc. A nurse quickly started an IV in my arm while a couple of others were busy getting the medications the doctor had ordered. I got 1 oral med, an injection in my upper arm, and 2 or 3 meds in my IV. They gave me epinephrine of course and that made me so jittery I thought I was going to shake right off the gurney. It took about 10 minutes but I finally started to return to normal. Of course someone from our church was there and had to stop in to say hi. When he walked in he said "Wow, you look much better. I saw when you came in and you looked really bad." Thanks. Just what I wanted to hear.
Holli came from work to relieve Dad so he could go back to work and when she walked in she said two things: 1) "You're in Trauma 2!" and 2) "Did you bring your camera?"
It was funny because when the room was all chaos with people I told my dad "We should have brought my camera." Well, never fear, Holli took a picture of me in all my glory.

They kept me there for about an hour and a half and then I got to go home. I was starting to feel a little itchy again and my ear were hot and red, but they said I could take benadryl and that all would clear up. Now I am officially allergic to penicillin. I've never been allergic to anything before. That's a first, along with being admitted into the hospital. I was a newbie. I've been on the other end of that many times, but I've never been the patient. I'm feeling much better now. My chest hurts every once in awhile, but for the most part I am 95% better. Just a little excitement before I go back to school. Ha!
Thanks to my Hero Dad, all the Hospital staff and Holli for coming to take me home and take a picture (hehe) of the event.
Hope your day was more uneventful than mine!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are YOU a Phelps Phan?

I sure am! He's amazingly fast! That relay race tonight was ridiculous with how far ahead they were from the start. All four of the guys did an amazing job! It wasn't as intense as the other night, but I was still nervous.

Alright, I'm super tired now, so I'm off to bed. Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!


Shift Work...

7-3 ... 3-11 ... 11-7 ... Well, for me it will be more like 3-11, 7p-7a, and occasionally 4 hour spurts.

I got a job!! I went for an interview today and they hired me right then. I'll now be working on the Nephrology unit. I've been battling with the decision of staying with Pediatrics during my final semester of school, and I think this is the right choice. I'll be working 16h per pay period so that's two 8h shifts or a 12h shift and a 4h shift every 2 weeks. Not too bad, and I can pick up extra hours if I think I can handle it once school starts.

So far everyone I have met on the Neph unit are really nice and welcoming, so I think this will be a very nice fit for my last few months of school, and who knows I may like it enough to stay on after I graduate. Only time.. and God... will tell.

My first shift is tomorrow 3-11. Everything has happened really quickly, but it's good to get in there before school starts and get all that orientation stuff over with. I work again on Saturday and then I should be on my own after that. :/

Anyway... just wanted to give a quick update on what's going on with me. Thanks for all your prayers!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Backyard Scream... UPDATE!

OK, so first off, sorry people! As I was telling the story to you all I didn't think you would all be so freaked out about it being my dad that was the one screaming. In all honesty I was telling it as I experienced it and I didn't know it wasn't my dad either until I saw with my own two eyes and heard the screams. So, sorry again! Dad is alive and well and getting some much needed sleep before he takes his junior high kids to Six Flags all day tomorrow.

Update on the kid... He got 4 stitches. That's it! He was lucky the cut was long ways up and down his foot and not across the width. The ickiness sticking out was just "meat" (as my dad put it) and they sewed him up and sent him home. So hopefully he thinks twice before he's running around outside without shoes on.

I'm exhausted. I was running around finding white scrubs for school today and I HATE that job! White is so unattractive and it seems that since no one wears all white unless they have to, stores don't carry matching uniforms. Plus most of the tops makes you look like a box! The most frustrating thing about the whole experience is that I had to have TWO uniforms this semester and then I'm done. No more white unless I want to! Finding the pants wasn't nearly as hard as finding the tops. My "quick trip" ended up being 2 hours long. Ugh!

After that ordeal I decided to come home and lay out on the deck for a bit. It felt good to be out in the sun, even though I wish I were at a pool. I think I got a miniscule amount of color and I also got to read a little bit which is always a plus.

Tonight was Girl's Night In at Hol's. We had spaghetti and garlic bread and watched two movies (Vantage Point and Sydney White). Two totally different types of movies but both equally enjoyable. We briefly watched some of the Olympics opening ceremony and that was about it. Now I think I'm going to crawl into bed and get some shut eye. Hol and I might go see a movie in the theatre tomorrow, so I'll let you know if we see anything good. Hope you all enjoy your Saturday! I hear there is a chance for rain and storms. But hey, if it does then you can just stay inside and watch the Olympics. I LOVE summer olympics! There's some swimming on in the am I think. Enjoy! :)


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Backyard Scream...

Oh my...

After I got done posting about "Man's Best Friend" there was some drama going on in the neighborhood.

I heard my mom say something out in the living room, but couldn't tell exactly what because my fan is blowing on me and the washer and dryer are both running. Well, when I heard her rush into the laundry room I took notice. Something was not right about her swift movements, especially since the washer was behaving and not shaking like an earthquake at that moment. Well, I continued to watch the laundry room and door and when she came rushing out into my bathroom I heard something about screaming, dad, somebody hurt... Well I didn't know what that meant, but I quickly put my flip-flops on and rushed behind her to the workshop. Not before she reminded me to shut my bathroom light off that she had turned on. Are you kidding me?? All I'm going off of are the words screaming, dad, and somebody hurt. I even said "My light? What?" When she said "Turn your light off, come on!" I tell ya...

Anyway, so once I was sure we were back to saving every ounce of electricity I rushed after mom who was frantically running down the workshop stairs. It's a wonder she didn't fall and break something. Well once I was in earshot I did in fact hear screaming. Luckily they were not the manly screams of my dad (thank you Lord). They were the screams of a boy. A very freaked out little boy! I saw a boy, about 12, sitting on the ground precariously positioned with his left foot draped ovwer his right leg. My dad and his dad huddled around him. The boy was red-faced, screaming and had tears streaming down his face.

As I got closer I kneeled down to get a better look at his foot to which he was screaming, "I can't feel my foot! I can't feel my foot!" There is a reason why I will not be working in the ER. It's so hard to talk to people when they are so worked up. I felt so bad for him. My dad had a towel and a wet wash cloth on his foot (which my mom brought him) and he held it back to give me a peek. That's when my dad uttered the words... "This is Megan. She's a nurse. You'll be okay." ...... That kind of took me aback for a second. In my head I was kind of shocked. While he told him a half-truth, that will soon be a truth in 5 months.

Anyway...that did not seem to console the boy. He looked at me with wide frightened blue eyes, but he was still screaming. He was hysterical, so I was just working on calming him down. He wasn't having any of that. Dad was doing a good job of wrapping his foot. You can tell he is an ex-farmboy. He must have hurt himself a dozen or more times not to mention he had 5 brothers. He was calm and he had it taken care of. I wasn't worried.

It took a little bit, but I guess the story was they were chasing a dog that had gotten away and I don't think anyone had shoes on. Hence the gash in the bottom of his foot. All I had to do was take one look (it was not pretty) at that little boy's foot to tell he would be getting stitches at the very least. I probably shouldn't have even uttered the words because he screamed, "Stitches!?! No! No!"

Well his dad rushed off to get his car so they could take him to the hospital. My dad and his dad's girlfriend helped him hobble up the side of our house and we waited on the curb for his dad to pull their car around. Dad kept him distracted by asking him what his name was and what grade he was going into. I threw in, "You'll have one cool story to tell when you go back to school." The adults chuckled, I don't think he appreciated the comment so much at the time. I took another look at his foot which seemed to be slowing down in the bleeding department. There was something sticking out of his foot, but I don't quite know what it was. I'm pretty sure he didn't step on a rock like he said he did. I'm thinking it was more of a stick.

His dad pulled up a minute later and we loaded him in. Mission complete.

That isn't exactly how I planned to spend part of my night, but thankfully he was not more hurt than he was and thank God dad was out there to react quickly.

Be safe tonight and for goodness sake wear shoes outside!


Man's Best Friend...

One thing I know for sure... Sydney loves my Dad. She loves me too of course, but she loves my Dad. She would do anything for him. She follows him around, she obeys him (most of the time), and she worships the ground he walks on. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since he was the one who really worked with her to train her when she was just a little pup.

It's so cute how much she adores him. Tonight I went down into the workshop and this is what I saw.

She was waiting for him to ride by on the lawn mower. How sweet!
She picked a good man to adore. We do too.



Have you ever had to talk to someone that instantaneously makes you break out in a sweat? I had to talk to one of those people today. It's amazing what physiological processes your body goes through when you are anxious. I was soaked after just a 20 minute phone conversation. Not pleasant... let me tell you.
I have a lot of things to figure out in the next couple days. Pray hard! I'll need it.....


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I just don't know....

Finding a new blog layout is a lot of hard work. I don't know exactly what I want, but everything I'm seeing is not it. Don't worry people, this layout is not here to stay. I browsed through over 700 layouts today, and wasn't really pleased with much. I would like one aspect of some, but the whole package together was just ick, or blah, or whoa! The search continues....

Is anyone else having allergy/sinus problems lately? The past three days I have woken up not being able to breathe out of my nose, and my throat is sore and scratchy. Once I'm vertical again the nose seems to get a little better, but it takes a good hour for my throat to stop hurting. I'm pretty sure it's sinuses, but not sure. I think I will take some medicine before bed tonight.

Well, the countdown continues... only 12 more days until school starts up again. I can't decide if I'm excited or not. I was, but then when I started thinking about it, I'm dreading all that this semester entails... papers, tests, senior project (Part II)... need I say more? Atleast it's my last semester. Then I have a choice whether or not to go back and endure more suffering (i.e. getting my Masters). I can't believe I just said that... Masters.... Come December I will have my BACHELORS in NURSING!!! How wild is that? I know I keep saying that in practically every post, but it's still so hard to fathom for me. I still feel like a little kid...

Well... hope everyone had a good hump day. Mine was not too bad. Tomorrow there is a possibility of going to the pool, so that makes me happy. :)


P.S. Here is a picture of my adorable little couch potato dog. All she did today was lay around. In her pen, on my bed, on the rug upstairs. Must be nice to have a dog's life....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Squirrel's Rain Dance...

As I was making myself breakfast this morning I peered out our front window and saw something peculiar. A little squirrel was running haphazardly around the electrical pole in the corner of our yard. I watch him for a couple minutes and thought for sure he would stop soon. However, he did not. I watched him for almost 5 minutes and then finally ran to get my camera to catch his last few "dance steps" before he ran off to a tree on the other side of the yard.

One minute later the Heavens opened up and there was a downpour.

Silly Squirrel? or a Rain Dance?


Monday, August 4, 2008

A Cardinal's Game...Suite!

Well, I'm back. Not fully recovered from my lack of sleep, but I'm good. Would be better if the Cards had actually won the game, but we won't go into that.

It was hotter than Hades when we got to STL, and of course we were not so smart and decided to walk from the stadium to the arch, down through the park, down several blocks, and around the corner to use Old Spaghetti Factory's bathrooms (yes, I'm sure there were closer ones and yet we walked that far). We picked up an ice cream on the way back to the stadium and that refreshed us enough to make the journey.

The new stadium is gorgeous! The brick, the statues, the voice recordings that can be heard around the stadium perimeter, the old bricks that are paved into the sidewalks... All of it was just a part of the whole experience. I probably could have taken pictures all day, but I refrained to just a couple so I didn't look so tourist like. ;)

The suite that we were in was just that... Sweet! It was decked out with a flat screen tv, leather chairs, air conditioning, yummy food, and one of the best amenities... a clean bathroom! Plus we had stellar seats! What more could you ask for?

Lou Brock was at the game. I believe he is best known for stealing bases. :) Can you tell I don't follow sports very closely? I got a nice picture of him and his wife talking to fans though. Dad's excitement was all I needed to snap a picture of him. :) Holli was snap happy as well. She took around 100 pictures before and during the game. I was surprisingly subdued during this trip.

Well, since this is probably what you've all been waiting for are some of the pictures we got. Enjoy!



Well, I bit the bullet and chose a new layout. I'm not 100% sold on it yet, but we'll see if it grows on me. No pictures because Blogger is being dumb and not letting me add any. So that means that the Cardinal Game post will be up as soon as Blogger lets me put pictures with my post. It's ready and waiting except for that.
So, let me know what you think of the new layout. Love it? Hate it? If you hate it... find me a new one! Ha! I also need a new header.
Alright, well I'm fading fast. It is almost 8 o'clock you know... haha! Have a good Tuesday!

***UPDATE*** Well, I changed it again. This is one of bloggers layouts. I'm not pleased with anything it seems, but atleast this one won't blind you when you come to read. I'm still looking, but this will do for now....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Should be interesting...

I'm sure you're wondering where the movie review is. Well, Dad and the three of us girls went to see The Dark Night It was good, but a little violent... Don't recommend it for children. Heath Ledger was quite disturbing as the Joker. He was funny, but he was creepy too. Again... not a movie for children.

The reason why you did not get a review last night was because frankly I was too tired to write one. We got home around 5, ate dinner, and then I just lounged around for a couple hours. I attempted to watch some tv but fell asleep at 8p. I know.... what is wrong with me?? I slept the whole night through.

I'm wondering how tonight will go since we are going to the Cardinal game. I'm thinking I will be sleeping in the car on the way home. Bad news... I have a dentist appointment at 8:15 in the morning. I don't know what I was thinking when I made that appointment. Oh well... if anything I can come home and sleep after that.

Alright, well we're supposed to be leaving at 1p, but we'll see what really happens. Mom and Dad aren't home from church yet, and the girls haven't arrived yet either.

Pics to come tomorrow!!


Saturday, August 2, 2008


I'm desperate for a new layout!!! Anybody have any ideas???
Let me know if you've seen something cool or can create something cool. I'm pretty sure I could make my own if I had the tools to do so. I haven't had enough time or patience to search for something though.

Another Award...

I "won" another award! I have no idea what it's for though. Ha! Thanks anyway Jeanette!

I must have been dog tired again yesterday. I fell asleep at 7pm!!! Only my mom does that! Hol called me briefly at 8p and I talked to her (a little incoherently) for about 10 minutes and then I promptly crawled back into bed and fell asleep. I woke up at 4:30 this morning. That's the downfall of going to bed early. You wake up early and no one else is awake, so you just kind of lie there waiting for lifeform to move upstairs so you can get up and get breakfast.
Anyway... so I got up at 6:30 finally, ate breakfast, went for a walk with my mom, ran to the bookstore to get my last book for school, went to Walmart with my mom, and now I'm home... all before noon! It's kind of nice to be able to get so much done. I guarantee I'll be ready for bed early again, and that's ok, because tomorrow I'm going to early service. Then Dad and us girls (minus mom because she hates to do anything involving people she doesn't know and is more than a 15 mile radius from home) are going to the Cardinal's game in St. Louis! Hol scored us free tickets, so we're going down early so Dad can look at something since he'll be going there in a couple weeks and then the game is at 7p. Look for pictures!
Alright, well us girls are going to see a movie this afternoon. I haven't been informed of which one yet, but I'll do a review when I get home. You know I'm always good for a movie review! ;) Enjoy your Saturday and stay cool!