Friday, May 30, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 2

(I already have all three installments to this day typed up, so they should be up pretty quickly. I'll try and add the remaining two tonight.)

Day 2

Our day started at 6:00a. Yuck! I hate early mornings (hence why I am working 3rd shift this summer). We had to get up early though because we were going to see Regis and Kelly, and we wanted to get a good spot in line. It took us about an hour to get ready, and then we went downstairs and hailed a cab. It's amazing how a 5 minute cab ride would have taken 20 minutes on foot. God bless the cabs! We got to Regis and Kelly about 7:20 and quickly got in line. The tickets that Hol got in the mail said that we needed to be there by 7:30 or something, because they closed the doors at 8:15. Well, 7:45 rolls around and we are still standing outside (even though we had a fairly good place in line) and wouldn't you know it.... we start feeling little sprinkles hit us. That's right.... it started to rain. Did I mention that the wind was blowing too? You would have though we were in the Windy City instead of the Big Apple. Oh, and we also had a broken umbrella. For whatever reason the piece at the top that the slide latches on to would not pop out, so the umbrella was just kind of sagging. Not enjoyable. Another thing that really ruffled my feathers was the fact that there were these "VIP" people coming out of nowhere and walking right in! Hello?! We've been standing in the rain for 30 minutes, I think you should be fair and let us in! Did I mention they only let like 5 people in at a time? Could they see that it was raining?!?! Ugh!
It was 8:20 before we FINALLY got inside the building. The security guards checked our purses and told us to turn off our phones, Lisa chatted it up with one of the security guards about her Tide-to-Go pen, and we proceeded through the metal detectors to retrieve our tickets from the desk and take our places in a tremendously long line. But hey, atleast we were inside now.
It was about 8:45 by the time we actually got to go inside the studio and pick our seats. For being near the end of the pack I thought we had pretty good seats. Hol got some good pics during the show (without the flash of course) and during commercial breaks.

The guests for Thursday were Harrison Ford and Kristi Yamaguchi and her Dancing with the Stars partner Mark Ballas (neither one of them would stand still very well for pictures).

Being in the studio audience is a lot different than how I thought it would be. I pretty much felt like a trained monkey. They tell us when to clap, they tell us how fast to clap, when to stop clapping, when we should add in hollering.... it's kind of ridiculous. The magic was totally lost. The only good thing about being in the studio is a) you get to see the stars up close, b) you can say you were there, and maybe be seen on tv, and c) you have a chance at winning a prize!
Something different that we got to experience was a taping for Monday's show. Since Monday was Memorial Day they were pre-taping their morning host chat and the musical guest. They had already done the guest interviews. During that taping was when we were on the longest. Augustana was the musical guest, and right before their second song you could see the three of us girls behind Reg and Kel as they talked about who would be on Tuesday's show and then they introduced the song. We were on for atleast a full 15 seconds. It was pretty cool! :)
Once we got out of there it was almost lunch time so we were kind of hungry, so off we went (on foot) to the American Museum of Natural History. Oh, if only we had known....


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