Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 1: Part 3

I hate getting up early. That's why I chose to do 3rd shift for my externship this summer and not 1st. However I was up at 9 this morning so that I could go shopping for scrubs for work. I also went and got some photo albums for my trip pictures. I picked up my cousin Rachel and we ran to shop a little and then we went to lunch. Now I'm back home again getting ready to give you people the last part of Day 1 of my trip. Before I get to that though I have a prayer request (well, 2)... Please pray for my mom and my friend Robin. They are both having teeth trouble. My mom had a root canal yesterday afternoon and has been in a significant amount of pain since her novacaine wore off. She came home from work today after only being there about 2 hours. Robin had her bottom two wisdom teeth taken out last week, and they are thinking that she may have gotten dry socket (painful!). She was at orientation yesterday, but she was not feeling well at all when she left. She went to after hours care and they packed her up, so now she is feeling better. She has to work tonight, so pray she gets through the night okay. So yes, pray for my mom and Robin. Toothaches are absolutely no fun!

Alright, on to the trip update.........................

Day 1: Part 3

So after our morning full of flying and our 2 hour tour with Howie we arrived our hotel. We stayed at the Westin on Times Square. This hotel was FANTASTIC! The room, the staff, everything was great! I recommend it to anyone going to NYC.

So after we got settled into our room we decided to head off to dinner because we were STARVING by then!! It was only a little after 3, but none of us had really had much of anything to eat that day and we were walking to S'MAC/PINCH so we knew it would be closer to 4 by the time we ate. So we head out of our hotel... destination: FOOD! We thought it would take us 30-45 minutes to get there. Oohhhhh were we wrong! We walked 40+ blocks!!!! Mind you, these are not blocks that you and I are used to. They are MUCH longer. So over an hour later we arrive at S'MAC/PINCH. I will spare you the many complaints and bickering that occurred on this walk, because frankly I didn't like being there for it the first time, I don't want to re-live it. I don't think the loooonnnng walk would have been so bad if we weren't so hungry! Plus we were just coming off of the whole Howie debacle, so that didn't exactly lift our mood...
Anyway... we got there and we all ordered something different. I got the All-American, Lisa got the Cheeseburger, and Holli got the Garden Lite with breadcrumbs on top (hence, the burnt look) (all S'MAC items).

Nothing like some gourmet mac & cheese to make you feel better. :) Although, we did not try PINCH we were not going to walk or drive the 40+ blocks back there to eat another time (Did I mention that it was another 40+ BACK to the hotel? Yea, I think this was the point that my blisters starting taking form on my heels). We were already planning on having pizza Friday anyway, so no need to go back for "Pizza by the Inch".

So after S'MAC we headed off (walking again) to Crumbs. Crumbs is a place that serves cupcakes, brownies, and other yummy things like that. Holli had heard about it somewhere so we had to go test it out and see if it was really as good as people have said. Oh it was! We got 6 cupcakes... Red Velvet, Carrot, Fudge Chocolate chip, Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, Raspberry swirl, and some other chocolate one.

The first night we tried the Red velvet and one of the chocolate ones. The red velvet was super yummy! However, we discovered that whichever one you ate first was the one you favored because the taste of the next one was altered by whatever you ate first. Oh well.... they were both yummy, and I had no complaints. If you ever go to NYC be sure to hit up Crumbs while you're there (FYI- check and see what days they are open. The one closest to our hotel was closed on the weekend). Another place you will want to be sure to check out is Pinkberry. This place serves frozen yogurt. I know... you're probably thinking "I can get frozen yogurt anywhere", and that's true, but this place is unique. They serve original, coffee, and green tea flavored fro-yo. The toppings are the real I mentioned previously, you could choose from multiple kinds of fruit, almonds, coconut, granola, cereal, cookies n' cream (aka a crushed up oreo) and my personal favorite... yogurt chips! The first time we visited (yes, we visited more than once) Holli got coffee flavored fro-yo with chocolate chips and almonds (good in theory..not so good in taste), Lisa got original with pineapple and granola (she liked it but I just thought it was okay), and I had original with strawberries and yogurt chips (YUM!).

I must say, I think mine was the best concoction. I've totally fallen in love with yogurt chips. Just ask Holli and Lisa, anytime Pinkberry was mentioned I went on and on about my yogurt chips. :) After we ate our fro-yo we started our journey back to the hotel.
Did I mention that our hotel room was fantastic? Apparently the hotel has "Heavenly beds". I thought it was okay, but I'm used to my hard as a rock bed with my cinder blocks as pillows. Everything was a little too soft and fluffy for me. I'm also not used to having a bedmate (right Hol?). Oh well, I was so tired that night I didn't really care. So we all got ready for bed, snuggled in, called mom, and then we settled in to watch the American Idol Finale! Hol and Lisa were ecstatic to see David Cook win! They both shot straight up in bed and cheered!! :) After that we were all wide-awake, but it didn't take long for exhaustion and sleep deprivation to set back in. To dreamland we drifted, in hopes that the next day would be better.

Well, that concludes Day 1. Stay tuned for Day 2...... Coming up next on "NYC Recap-Day 2"... Regis and Kelly:the woes of standing in the rain and VIP's, A walk in the pouring rain, and fun at the museums. Plus...bonus: we saw our first Broadway play of the trip!


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