Friday, March 28, 2008


Is that a word? I don't think it is, but oh well.... This post if going to be a mix of sorts. Lots of things to say. :)

Ok, so have you ever seen the Secret Life of a Soccer Mom? It's on TLC. I caught it last week and it sucked me in right away. However, I think the fact that the mom was a former nurse had something to do with it. She hadn't had a nursing job in 10 years, but she was getting the opportunity to be a Maternal/Fetal Flight Nurse. It was pretty awesome. Made me think about if that would be something that I might want to do. It definitely intrigued me.... So anyway, the whole point of the show is to tell the mom's family she is at a spa for a week, but in reality she is doing the career she wished she could have pursued had she not made the choice to stay at home and raise her children. Now don't get mad people. They aren't saying being a stay at home mom is bad, they are just giving these people an amazing opportunity to jump back into the workforce for a week to see how they like it. At the end of the show they usually get offered an internship or something. They can confer with their family and then choose whether or not to take the job. The show definitely has it's flaws, but overall was enjoyable for me since it was focused on my field of choice. Next episode is about a woman who wanted to be a news anchor. Don't think I'll be as enthused for that profession. :)

So...prayer request.... pray for my good friend Deena. She is having (or already had) a C-section tonight. Her baby has some complications, so they had a scheduled Cesarean scheduled for Thursday, but little Maia decided she wanted to meet everyone tonight. Pray Deena and Maia don't have any severe complications and that they both recover quickly.

SI.... do you know what that stands for? Well you sports fanatics surely do. It's an abbreviation for Sports Illustrated. Did you guys see that my dad was in the March 3rd issue with Jason Kidd on the cover? I mean of course you saw him... how could you miss him?

Hard for you to pick him out with all those people? Let me make it easier for you.....

You see him now right? He's in orange.... If you still haven't seen him, I'll give you a hint.... he's by someone who ISN'T in orange. You surely see him now. :)

Ok, so I officially think I will be selling my camera. It isn't that it doesn't take high quality pictures, and I love the size of it, but it just doesn't have the features I want. I'm not a professional photographer, so I need a camera that is semi-smart. I don't want to have to figure it out. I want it to do all the work for me. So if you know anyone that wants a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 let me know. It's in super good condition. I keep it in a case, and haven't dropped it or anything. :) It's practically like new! I'm serious... make me an offer!

So, I went to a bookstore today. To shop. For books. The kicker is, they are books I actually WANT to read. I know... shocking! I do not have to study this weekend, so I am hoping to finish up a book I am reading now and then move on to one I bought today. I can hardly wait!

Alright, well that is probably enough for now. I'll be back later though with more interesting things to talk about I'm sure. :)


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