Sunday, March 30, 2008

News on Maia

So little Maia didn't end up having her surgery until last night...that's why I hadn't heard anything. She came through the surgery fine, and is doing well now. If all keeps going well she may get to come home on Monday when her momma Deena is released. Praise the Lord!
Rumor has it she has lots of dark hair and is as pretty as can be. :)

In other news..... it's Missions Conference at CBC this week. This morning was a good sermon by Jack Perrine, and then a panel discussion with 5 missionaries during Sunday School. More from Jack Perrine and another missionary tonight, as well as a FFF afterwards. (FFF is Finger Food Fellowship.) All are welcome! The conference continues through Wednesday night. The service starts at 6p tonight and 7p consecutivelty for the rest of the conference.

Well, I should go get things ready for tomorrow since I will be busy tonight. If I'm not back until later this week, Have a good one!!


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