Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday's with Maia

Well... I'm finally done with my paperwork for the night. I was not expecting it to take that long since I didn't have to do all of the paperwork this week. Oh well.... it's over.

I got to see precious Maia in person today (and her Mama). She's so cute! Her Mama is so proud of her, and her Daddy too! You would think Deena has been a Mom for years instead of only 3 days the way she acts with Maia. She's a natural! Maia is recovering well from her surgery. She hasn't had any complications so far, so that is good news. Deena will be discharged tomorrow (probably late) and Maia will hopefully follow later on this week. Continue to pray she continues on the road of recovery, and pray for Deena as well. C-sections are not easy to recover from, plus she has a lot going on with school and the new baby. Here's a pic that Deena sent....

(Don't freak out... she has an IV in her head. Sometimes it's easier to get IV access on the head than in their small hands or arms.)

Not much else on this front.... I start teaching for my Community project this week. Pray I don't mess up with these kids! :) Ha, I'm kidding. I don't think I can mess up too bad with teaching them nutrition and wellness. I hate talking in front of people, even if they are 25 seven year olds.
Alright.... I better go. I want to do one more thing for school before I go to bed. Have a good night and a great week!


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