Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chipmunk or no Chipmunk??

Ok, so both of my sisters have reported to me that on both of their computers there is a song in the playlist at the bottom of my page that is very very fast and sounds like a chipmunk singing.
Does anyone else have this problem??? The song they are reporting on is Wonderful Cross by Chris Tomlin.
Go to the bottom of the page if you would and click on that song and listen to it. Please report back here to let me know how you hear it. If you all report it is Chipmunk-y I will remove the song and get another....or I can keep it if it's entertaining... just let me know. It's normal on my computer, so I don't know exactly what they are hearing.
Thank you..... :)


Dave and Andi said...

It's normal on my computer. I think it is very pretty!

P.S. I "borrowed" that survey-thingy!

Robin said...

I heard it last night. It sounded like the chipmunks. Too funny! I wonder why it is doing that?