Saturday, March 15, 2008

Are you kidding?

We have been spoiled these last couple days. The weather here got up into the 60's! Woohoo, Spring here we come!! Well, I feel like we just got a "not so fast" (you know when you're all excited about something as a kid and then your mom blows your bubble by saying "not so fast" and the precedes to tell you about something so not fun that has to be done before the fun can commence).... It's only 33 degrees out right now, and it's snowing.... *sigh* I just hope that it starts getting warmer in the next couple weeks, so the easter egg hunt at church isn't a freezing mess outside!
Well, I should get to studying for my test. That coffee didn't wear off until 2 am, so I did get a little studying in after I worked on the paper for a bit. Craziness!

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