Monday, March 24, 2008

Week 10...over halfway

I can't believe that this semester is half over already. I'm glad... but can't believe it. Tonight I worked on my last week of FULL paperwork for Adult! Woohoo!!! That means that from here on out I just have to go read up on my patient(s) the night before, do their meds and labs, and then read up briefly on their diagnosis so I know what I'm talking about. Basically my paperwork will be cut down by like an hour or more. It'll be fantastic!
Well, this paper/project drags on... We actually start teaching next week. Eek! I'm sorry, but did I go to school to become a teacher or a nurse???? Hmm.... Hopefully all goes well and these kids learn something.
So how was everyone's Easter? Mine was fine. I went to early service so I could study some more, and that just wears me out to do that. I did like having the extra time though. I took my test today, so we'll see how it went hopefully in the next couple days. It snowed a little on Easter. Nothing that accumulated, but the white stuff fell none the less. It was a very bizarre holiday. It seems as though this winter has lasted forever, but I think the fact that Easter was so early this year has something to do with that.
Switching gears.... have you seen the movie Enchanted? It's pretty cute. The music is so catchy! "How does she know...." haha... If you haven't seen it, you should. Go rent it this weekend!
Alright, well I'm feeling quite tired all of a sudden. I think it's all that knowledge that I stuffed in my head today. I'll be back later this week. I have some finishing touches to put on my paper, and I have a elderly appointment for clinical on Wednesday, but everything SHOULD be easy breezy, so I'll come back with something more interesting than my boring weekend I just recapped for you.
Have a good Tuesday!

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