Friday, March 7, 2008

What's new??

Not much here. I took a 2 hour drive today. No, it wasn't aimless driving. I know the price of gas right now! I drove an hour away to drop of Christmas gifts (yes, I said Christmas) to my friend and her three kiddos, then I turned right back around and came home. Since then I have been reading my Bible, picking out new music for my playlist (see below for some new additions), surfing some blogs, and putting off starting my paper as long as possible. :) I figure I will probably start writing it Sunday night/Monday morning at the earliest. I had this big idea to start writing it today, but you know what... I don't want to. I'm tired and I want to relax a little bit before I jump into my Spring (not-so-much-of-a) Break.
On my way home earlier today (after dropping off gifts) my friend Robin called me. She was breathless with excitement! She wanted to tell me that she got the summer extern and she was placed in the NICU (her first choice!) which is awesome!!!! She will do amazing there, and has so much to offer those precious little ones and their families because she has walked in their shoes.
Tonight is "Supper 6"...or 8 or 9 or whatever..... the point is the three amigas -or should it be hermanas- (aka me and the sisters) are getting together with a few couples in our Sunday School class to break bread and have a good time. :) Then we might get really crazy on a Friday night and go play Mexican Train Dominoes at some friend's house. I know... we're crazy!
Tomorrow Hol (and maybe Lisa, I'm not sure) and I are going to head out to shop. Holli is desperate for spring clothes and I have no money, so I'll probably be tagging along for cookies and a coffee! :) And tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, so we're going out to eat for that. He'll be XX years old. And he doesn't look a day over XX. :) (No that is not roman numeral, so you can stop trying to figure out what the double X means. I am concealing his age, in case he doesn't want me to tell.) I was in charge of the birthday card this year. For the last few years the three of us girls just get one collective card for our parent's when it is their birthday, mother's/father's day, anniversary (duh).... I did a pretty good job this year if I do say so myself. I'll post what the card says tomorrow after we give it to him, just in case he reads my blog I don't want him to find out until he actually gets it.
Ok, well enough randomness for now. I'll be back sometime this weekend. Have a good one peeps!!

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