Sunday, March 16, 2008

Go Green!!

Well, I thought that a post on being environmentally aware would be good for my next entry. One: because that seems to be the new "thing" and Two: St Patricks day is tomorrow.

Are you doing all you can do to help save the earth? Well, if you need some ideas in how to be more eco-friendly here are a couple tips....

1. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth. No use in wasting the water when the brush is in your mouth. In addition to this, take shorter showers. Still take a shower... just don't spend as much time. If you are going to shave your legs (ladies) turn the water off while you do, or wait until you get out and shave them sitting on the side of the tub with a little water in the bath. Or if you're feeling super limber, in the sink!
2. Re-use your plastic bags that you get from stores. Hint: Target bags have ideas on the side of their plastic bags for what you can use them for after you take your items out. Example: Trash bag, carry your lunch, use for wet swimsuits, etc.
3. Take a cloth bag to the grocery store when you go. That cuts down on how many plastic bags are used, and you can re-use them again.
4. Use cloth napkins instead of paper. You can just throw them in the laundry with your regular loads and you are helping save a tree.
5. Speaking of trees... plant a tree! It helps improve the air. (More oxygen, less CO2= easier breathing for you and me)
6. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving your car if possible.
7. If you get a ridiculous amount of catalogs in the mail, from places you've never heard of especially, call and have your name removed from their mailing list. Practically everything is online people. Subscribe to the emails and shop online. Or you could even go the store... but ride your bike. :)
8. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. There are several products out there that you can buy, or you can even make home-made cleaning products with things that are in your cabinets already at home. Here is an informative website-
9. Turn the thermostat down by 2 degrees. It will save on your energy bill, and that is always a plus! If you get cold easily, wear layers. Soon the weather will be nicer, so just hang in there a few more weeks, and then hopefully you won't have to turn your a/c on right away, and you will have a break on your bill. :)
10. Turn the lights off when you aren't in a room. If you're not in there, who are you keeping it lit for? Also, if you buy the new fluorescent lightbulbs that saves more energy as well... again, good for the bill!
11. Take a reusable mug to your favorite coffee place. They'll just poor your drink in your mug and it saves the use of all the plastic cups. Good for the ozone layer! :)
12. Recycle! Paper, plastic, glass.... re-use, reduce, RECYCLE!!

Alright, are you overloaded on green yet? :) I think I'm done for this post. Don't forget to look at my last post "Guess Who?" Also, there is new news on the right-hand side.
Try and be a little more earth friendly this week. If you have any ideas that are "green" share it with us in the comments. I start back at school tomorrow, so don't expect another post too soon. Lots of things going on this week, so I'll be back as soon as I can. Have a good St Patrick's Day. Wear green or you'll get pinched! (I think that is so stupid, but whatever. I'll still probably wear green tomorrow.)
Until next time......................

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Krissy~ said...

Ok so I agree and have done some of these eco -friendly things, such as I take cloth bags to the grocery store to put my gorceries in. Also having young children I have heard this song a few times by none other than Barney he says "never let the water run no we never let the water run" your blog made me think of this with stopping water while brushing teeth and now it is stuck in my head. One little hint I have... If you buy a six pack of soda, make sure you cut it up so that when it is disposed it will not get caught on a dolphins nose I love the ocean and hate to see it destroyed. Have a good one!