Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday....

...to my baby, Sydney!! I can't believe the crazy pup is three years old today!
I can still remember when...

- we said goodbye to her momma Brandy

- we could hold her in our arms... standing up

- she could fit in the sink

- she would walk right beside my dad... oh wait... she still does that.

- we could give her toys without her destroying them within 5 minutes

- she would lay underneath the coffee table downstairs

- she didn't know how to go up and down stairs. (Boy has that changed!)

I miss her being that small, and then I love the stage she's in now even though people say she's wild and rambunctious. Those are the people that aren't around her when she lays on my bed and snores, or is so excited to see me in the morning that she can't even stand still, or when she gives me hugs (yes, she does). No one sees those things, so therefore their judgements have no bearing....

I do have to say that her birthday slipped my jamm-packed mind until my mom reminded me of it after clinical today. I promptly came home and sang happy birthday, played ball with her for awhile, and of course... took pictures!!!

Well, there she is... my BIG three year old puppy! Isn't she adorable?

Alright, I'm wiped. One more day before Spring Break officially starts for me. Woohoo!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Until next time.................................

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Andi R. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY! I can't believe she used to be that small and that it has been THREE YEARS! Maggie is going to be 8 this year. So crazy how time flies. She isn't a bad dog, she just likes to eat my hand. I don't mind her at all. I would just like to have my hand in one piece when I leave ;-)
Love ya!