Friday, March 14, 2008

Stuff it...

Eggs that is.... The three of us sisters went to church tonight and stuffed easter eggs for the annual CBC Easter egg hunt. Let me just tell you... not so fun (although I think our table was the most productive). I've compiled a list of things you need to know if you are going to stuff eggs for Easter......
1. Don't EVER buy eggs that have glitter on the outside as a coating. They don't work well. You practically have to pry the thing open because the glitter-goo has melted together, and then when you do get it open it won't close.
1a. Don't buy "cute" eggs. Go for practical people. The kids don't care what the egg looks like, they want whats inside. Get the regular run of the mill eggs that have been around for years.
2. Something you NEED to know if stuffing a standard size egg... nerds, sweet tarts, suckers, and basically anything longer than your pinky that doesn't bend does NOT fit in the egg. So if you are ever assigned to buy candy for easter eggs, keep that information in mind.
3. Make sure you calculate correctly. If you are wanting to put 2 pieces of correctly sized candy in each egg, make sure you look at the bag, figure out how many pieces of candy you get and buy accordingly. This will prevent multiple trips to Walmart for more candy.

Ok, I think that pretty much sums it up.... After we stuffed the eggs (which we ended up having over 15,000 for the egg hunt), we went to L&L's house to play our new favorite game. We're such nerds... :) Hol and I went on a coffee run midway through the game, so I'm still feeling pretty awake. I should be using this time to write more of my paper, and I probably will, but I had to blog first.

I have a test for Community on Monday. Wasn't that nice of them to have a test the day we get back from vacation? As if I haven't done enough school stuff over this "break". I'm postponing the paper tomorrow and Sunday so I can study, but I will pick it back up Tuesday night or Wednesday probably. I think I made a lot of progress today, but still there is much to be done.

Alright... I guess I'm going to write a little bit more before I head to bed. Enjoy your weekend!


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