Monday, April 14, 2008

Say it ain't so!!

Dare I even say it? It's almost too awful to speak! I...I.... think I'm getting a cold!!! I know!!! It's the most awful news you've heard all day!!! I don't know what happened. I was fine when I woke up and was feeling pretty good the majority of the day, then at about 2p it hit me. My nose started feeling stuffy, yet runny (you know what I mean?) and then my throat started hurting. And then there is the sneezing. It seems like I've been sneezing more than usual. I'm praying that this is just allergies and a possible change in the weather. Yeah...that's what it is. It's the weather. My allergies are just being hypersensitive this year...... Am I convincing you yet? I'm pretty close to having myself convinced that's what's wrong with me. *sigh*.... I guess time will tell.

I got a lot accomplished tonight. I looked up a few things for my day in surgery tomorrow, took an online quiz, put in my 30 minutes of MedsPub practice for this week, and even started organizing stuff for my 3rd teaching lesson. Hopefully this week will go more smoothly than last week. If I don't feel good I have a feeling they will gang up on me. :/

I said goodbye to my camera today. I packed it up and sent it off with my sister to mail tomorrow. It was kind of weird, because of course the minute it was gone I wanted to take a picture of something... isn't that how it always goes. I guess I'll have to wait until I get my new one ordered and shipped. That could be up to 2 weeks though. Can I live that long??

Well, I guess I should get to bed. I need to get up early and ready to go in and observe a surgery at 7:20 am. That means I'll be standing for the better part of two hours, and you know what, maybe even longer since I'll be trailing my selected patient to the PACU and beyond. Oh boy.... this may be interesting if I'm feeling yucky tomorrow. Pray I get rid of atleast this sore throat. I hate that! I'd rather be hoarse than have a sore throat.

Well, have a good week. I'll be back Wednesday night or after probably. Depends on how productive I'm feeling tomorrow night. :)



hol said...

It could be allergies. I saw the allergy index on the news and it was high already. Bummer!

Lisa said...

Hope you're feeling better!