Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sigma Theta Tau International

You're probably thinking "What the heck does that mean? Did Megan join a sorority?" Well, the answer is no, I did not. Sigma Theta Tau (which will be known as STT for the remainder of this post because it is easier to type) is an International Honor Society that I was inducted into this afternoon. There are over 400,000 members worldwide and now I am one of them. You get inducted because you have earned your place through hard work and dedication (or atleast that's what the booklet says that they handed to us).
There was a short (but agonizing) ceremony today where we listened to a speaker for 20 minutes (about 19 minutes too long if you ask me), then our names were called and we went forward to receive a certificate, membership card, a little ribbon, and a purple carnation. The honor societies flower is actually a purple orchid, but we're too cheap for that, so we got my least favorite flower instead. Oh well.... it was the thought that counts.
So anyway... I just wanted to share some pictures from the day. Note: I did not wear purple so that I would match. I completely forgot that was the color of STT honor society.
And so, I leave you with these pictures. I seriously need to get back to studying. I've been a bad girl this weekend!

(Here I am in my standard pose for whenever there is an event and I have my picture taken alone. My hair looks long today or something... hmmm.)

(Here we are in our usual pose as a trio whenever there is an event or something.)

(Don't I look just deeply interested in what is being said? Yea.. the way I look is pretty much how I felt during that whole thing.)

(This is me getting my certificate. Exciting... I know. Don't you just love the pledge we had to say on the screen? It's labeld by line..."line 1, line 2" I ask you, was it really necessary to have the lines labeled as we recited it?)

(This is Ashley, Jen and I. Jen is my clinical partner for our last semester! :) We have missed eachother since we haven't really had classes together since J1.)

(Here we are, the Three Musketeers!)

(This is me...standing on a bridge. My sis took this picture. She actually took one where you could see the college of nursing sign above my head, but whatever...this is what she sent me. My arm is up funny because I'm holding my flower. It's camoflauged very well against my shirt. :p)

(Here we are in our booth at Avanti's. Yum!)

(This is just me being goofy!)

(And so I leave you with an adorable picture of my parents. Aren't they adorable?)


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