Monday, April 7, 2008


Alright... my camera is officially for sale on ebay. If you are interested in checking it out you can search for it under the category cameras by clicking "Sony cyber-shot dsc-w55 digital camera- Excellent cond". There is currently one bid....for $.99. Yea, I know, but I have a reserve on it, so if it doesn't go higher I'm not obligated to sell. (Don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about?)
So, that leads me to the real reason for this post.... What kind of camera should I get now??? I need suggestions. I would prefer something that has some sort of sport feature (takes pics really fast if things are moving). That is a main perk I'd like, and other than that I'm open for anything. I need to get crack-a-lackin (as my friend Ashley would say), because I only have 6 weeks before vacation!!!! Freak out!!!! I scare my sis everytime I count down the weeks. She doesn't feel like she has enough time to organize our itinerary and get it bound in a handbook! Haha... I kid....sort of. ;)
So yea, I'm open to suggestions on cameras. Have you heard of any good ones? Do you have an awesome camera you think I should have too? Let me know.......

I got to see precious little Maia today. Her mama and daddy brought her to the Spotted Cow restaraunt in the hospital, so I stopped in and saw them on my lunch break. They were waiting to go to a doctor's appointment. I wish I had had my camera then. She was laying in this little bed on the table and she looked so precious wrapped in her pink blanket. She even woke up and showed us her pretty eyes. She is soooo adorble!! I am so proud of Deena. She is a rockstar of a mom! (Walt is a pretty awesome daddy too!)

Alright, I need to go to bed. I have to get up at 5 tomorrow for clinical and I'll be running running running until 3. I'm tired just thinking about it. I have much more on my mind, but I guess you'll have to wait until later this week to hear it. Have a good Tuesday!!!!


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