Thursday, April 17, 2008


I found a shirt for my church directory picture! Now, I have to coordinate my mom and dad so we match. I'm still sick, and I think that running around shopping wasn't the greatest idea. Oh well.... I found a shirt, so I'm happy.

Reading for my test tonight and then studying notes the rest of the weekend. Sound like fun doesn't it? You know what would be even more fun? Making corrections to my paper. Any volunteers??

Holli got her camera today, so as soon as I look it over and play with it I will order my camera. Yea! I'm glad that she finally got it in the mail today. Someone has to have a good camera for the concert on Tuesday night.

It's beautiful outside! Hope you were able to get out and enjoy part of this gorgeous weather! Take your dog for a walk or something. It probably won't last for long.


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