Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Concert Experience

Oh what fun we had at the Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood concert. I think we were almost surprised at how much fun we did have. I won't waste time...I'll just get right to it....

The concert started at 7:30. Carrie kicked off the night. She did an amazing job (as I knew she would). Even though we were in what is affectionately called "the Nosebleed Section" we had a pretty good view of the stage. There was a long runway that ran across the middle of the floor section, so with my powerful zoom on my camera I was able to get some pretty amazing pictures. Amazingly there were not any overly annoying people sitting around us like there usually are at every other event we go to. I think that had something to do with the fact that we were the very top row with no one behind us. Haha!

Never the less we had an awesome time. I think Holli was pleasantly surprised by Keith Urban. The man is crazy!!! He pulled someone on stage with him, went out into the audience and even signed and gave away his guitar!!! That poor girl... she was FREAKING out! Holli said she heard on the radio that one of the security guards was trying to protect her and the guitar and ended up accidentally smacking her in the head with the guitar. She had to go see a medic. How hilarious is that?? She'll forever have a story to tell (not to mention the autogrpahed guitar). He is one crazy performer. He just goes and goes like the energizer bunny. He can play a mean guitar too, not to mention he's pretty rockin' on the piano as well. He is definitely a good performer and I would go see him in concert again.

Another...interesting thing that happened was we got to see someone escorted (or rather dragged away) by security. Some guy had had a little too much to drink and decided it would be his smartest idea ever to jump up on the runway part of the stage. Haha...not so much. I saw him dancing on the runway and was wondering who he was and where he came from. Well, not two seconds later a security guard comes running out from backstage, past Keith (who was laughing while he was trying to sing) and practically tackled the poor inebriated guy. He drug him down the rest of the runway to the stairs at the end and then 4 other security guards came running at him. He seemed pretty harmless, but they had to be sure, so they ended up escorting him out of the arena and we never saw him again. I wish we would have caught it on tape, but Holli was the one videotaping with her camera and she had no clue what was happening because she was so focused on Keith. She did get the part where Keith starts laughing and the security guy runs past him, but she turned it off after that so she could watch what was happening since everyone was freaking out, and she had no idea why. Oh well....

Nothing else major happened. Some people around us were lighting real lighters while Keith was singing. Seriously...don't they know we've upgraded to cell phone illumination, not the old fashioned lighter? I mean, come on people... keep up!

I don't know how much longer he ended up playing, but we left a little after 11. We wanted to beat the crowd plus I had clinical today, so I didn't want to be too tired (plus it was like 10 hours past Lisa's bedtime).

So, without further pictures.......... enjoy..................


(This is our view from where we were sitting. Yea... we were really far away.)

(She's so pretty...)

(This is during her encore performance of 'Before He Cheats')

(No need for words...)

(This is from the big screen, but I thought it turned out pretty good...)

( I really need to say anything??)

(Keith and the band)

(Keith and Carrie during their duet)

(Crazy man...he went out into the audience! Can you see the girl clutching the guitar he gave her for dear life?) much does my camera ROCK?

Until next time.................................

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Your camera does rock and so did the concert!

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