Saturday, January 10, 2009


What a week! It's only been 4 days since I've posted, and so much has happened. I took my Boards this week. Wednesday was the big day. I was so nervous! I was doing all I could not to throw up or pass out on my way to the testing center, which is a good thing, since I was driving! I got there about 25 minutes before I had to be there and they gave me the rules, took a picture of me, scanned my fingerprint, made me put everything in a locker, and handed me ear plugs. They took me into the testing room, started me on the tutorial and FOUR HOURS and 265 questions later I emerged. I was exhausted! It was like torture!
Little did I know, the next 48 hours were going to be the worst. I was in a major depression. I went out to lunch with my former Complex partner, Jen, and our friend Kim. We were all pretty blue, Jen and I because we had just finished our test and Kim because her computer crapped out on her and she couldn't even take it that day! After lunch I met my good friend Cara at Panache and she bought me a drink (coffee of course) and we talked a bit. After that I helped Hol take some food to a friend who had just had surgery, and then I went home for dinner. I was still feeling pretty awful, so I ddin't eat much. Then Robin and I went past the test center so she would know where it was when it was her turn and then we went to Panera for more warm beverages. I was home at about 8-ish and picked up a book since I needed a distraction (more on that later).
Well, Thursday wasn't much better. I had resolved to staying in bed all day and doing nothing but read. I succeeded for awhile but then got up and did a few things. I ended up having to get ready at 4p because I had a new graduate dinner to attend. Our whole table was depressed because we had all taken the test and were awaiting our results. I went home promptly after the dinner to continue reading.
I had a horrible nights sleep. I got up at 7:45 and got completly ready. It was D-Day. I knew that once I read my results I was either going to be a distraught mess or ecstatic and calling a bunch of people. Well, at 8:05am I logged onto the website that would give me my results. I was a nervous wreck. I could barely type in my credit card number. When I hit the button to get my results I didn't realize I was holding my breathe. I could hear my pulse pounding in my ears, and my head was feeling sort of detached from the rest of my body. My eyes finally focused and fell on the words "Grade: pass". I passed. I sat there shocked for a minute. Did that really say what I thought it did? I checked the name. Yep, they were my results and I passed!
The tears started creeping up from the corners of my eyes. I blinked rapidly and pulled myself together. I called my parents and sobbed to both of them that I had passed. Mom cried, Dad laughed at me. :) I would have too though had I been hearing myself from the other end of the phone line. I texted my sisters and friends because I was in no shape to talk to anyone else. I couldn't believe it....
Then I had to go to MOPS. The kids were crazy there, and for some reason we had a ton of visitors. Afterwards, I went over to my friend Cara's for lunch and dessert. She was pretty confident I had passed. I'm glad she had such great confidence in me. :)
The rest of the afternoon and night was spent with my sisters and parents. We had pizza for dinner and talked around the table.
A good end to a good day. :)


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