Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poll and Near Smackdown in HR...

Well, I've added a poll on the right-hand side. It deals with vacation for the three of us sisters, and I'm asking for your input on where we should go. You have until Saturday at noon to vote. I'm actually not sure if it will close at noon... I vaguely remember the last poll I did not being in the same time zone as me, so who knows. Just make sure you vote before Saturday afternoon. And please, if you have another suggestion kindly drop a recommendation in my latest post. :)

Ok, so on to the drama for the day. I got myself up super early today to do my hair and get out of the house 20 minutes before planned so that I could run to HR and drop off my insurance papers and get my RN badge right when they opened at 7:30. Well, for whatever reason I slept horribly last night and didn't get much sleep. So needless to say I'm tired, but I got out of the house early, as planned, and arrived at HR 5 minutes before they opened. I was quite proud. I coudl see and hear people in at the desk laughing and having a "good ol' time". Finally they open the door at 7:30. I walked in and got a super warm welcoming. <-- notice sarcasm people. As soon as I walked up to the desk the lady behind it (who was smiling) looked at me, frowned, and said "Can I help you?" Really what she meant to say was, "Seriously? You're bugging me right when we open? I don't want to deal with you right now." After that oh so warm welcome I kindly told her that I was here to drop off my insurance forms and that I needed to get me new RN badge. Without even looking at me she said, "The badge system is down." Uhhh... ok. Any idea of when it will be back up? "I don't know." Do you think it will be later today? "I don't know. Call first before coming over though." She says this as if she doesn't want to see my face anymore than she has to. So I told her thank you (What for? She did nothing for me, but treat me rudely?) and left. I was so miffed! She is in the wrong profession if she is working in HR dealing with people everyday and she doesn't even like people!

Ugh, so I'm headed over to the hospital, because our lecture day for the unit was at 8a this morning. As I'm halfway there Ashley calls me relaying her experience in HR that I had just had minutes ago. I waited for her and we made a quick pit-stop in the cafeteria and then headed up to the unit.

Fast forward a couple hours. Another girl in lecture with us came back from break wearing a new RN badge. The system was back up and running. Ashley and I decided that we would go over our lunch break.

So we get there at about 12:40 and I went up to the desk, told the HR guy what I was there for, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said, "Uh....ok.... well you'll have to bring in your license and we'll copy it and then you can get your badge." I was so ticked! I said, "Are you kidding me?" He looked at me blankly and I relayed the whole encounter with Ms. Crabby Pants that I had had just one week prior, and she said that as soon as I was done working as a Graduate RN I could come get my RN badge in time for RN orientation. Again the blank stare. I think I had to explain it 3 times, with Ashley chiming in too, all the while Robin is off to the side laughing. He finally agreed, and we filled out a form and went over to the lady who was working the badge machine. The whole process probably took 10 minutes. I would have been livid if I had walked out of HR again without my RN badge. I mean, he was the one handing out badges like there was no tomorrow, to people who hadn't even tested yet! He was even there when Ms. Crabby Pants flipped out on me last week about the whole badge thing. I do everything correctly and he still tried to deny me my badge. I think not!

*Sigh* The point is... I got my nice red RN badge and now I am happy. :)

Alright, well I really need to get to bed, because RN orientation will surely put me to sleep if I do not get a decent nights sleep. Don't forget to vote in the poll!


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