Monday, January 26, 2009

Spaghetti Anyone?

There is just something very unappealing about the smell of spaghetti sauce in the crockpot right when you wake up. Blech!

You know how when you wake up you only have a longing (or tolerance) for breakfast related items? Cereal, waffles, fruit (hah! yea right...), granola bar, coffee.... Well, spaghetti sauce is not on that list for me.

It's funny how in my mind only breakfast food is allowed at breakfast, but when "normal" lunch and dinner meals should be served I am willing to accept breakfast then too. Not just lunch foods at lunch and dinner at dinner. I feel like I have a little food prejudice going on.

I blame it on my mother. She forced upon me her strict beliefs of breakfast food only being for breakfast. It was a rare treat when we got "breakfast" for dinner. What's wrong with having pancakes, eggs, toast, etc for dinner? No harm would be done. Even now as an adult I find myself saying "well, that's not right" and then catching myself with "why isn't it?" If I want to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner, I should be able to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner! However, she still makes a comment of, "Megan! You can't just have cereal for dinner! That's not a balanced diet." (It's not like I would do it every night.) If I want to eat dinner at some other time than 5:30 on the nose, then I should be able to do that! I'm not always hungry when I "should" be eating. Who made all of these unspoken rules??? This is probably a contribution to obesity in this world. Okay, that might be a stretch, but you never know...

*Sigh* I feel liberated!

This has caused me to tag this issue in my brain, so that on a later date, when I hopefully have kids, I will stop myself from saying "You can't have that for dinner. That's what you eat for breakfast." Instead I will say, "Yes! Let's eat "breakfast" for dinner!" :)

Any of you have little things your parents instilled in you, that you didn't even think twice about until you were an adult?


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