Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snake anyone?

So I forgot to mention that the snacks for VBS yesterday were fruit skewers and donut snakes. I helped assemble the snakes, and they were STICKY! They turned out pretty well though. I only got a picture of the little kids snacks though because I didn't have my camera with me when we were making the big kid snakes.
Aren't they cute?? They're held together by marshmallow creme (hence, the sticky part). I'm not really sure why there are fruit skewers. I guess because Satan tempted Adam and Eve with fruit.... That would be my guess.
Here are the kiddos sitting at their tables waiting for their snack.
(The one girl who wanted to sit with them all. Too cute!)
(The rest of the girls)
Well, I should go get ready for work. I have to get ready so I can run to church and eat, help out if they need it assembling tonight's snack, and then work at 7p. I should probably run to the bank too..... Sadness....I get paid this Friday and since I haven't done my direct deposit since I've been so busy I have to wait until Monday when I work to get my check, which means my tithing check will be late....unless I can figure out what I made these last two weeks and go off of that. I might do that.... that sounds good.
Ok, enough rambling........ Have good night all!

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blessedwith5 said...

o.k. Meg - the snake thing is weird!!!

Get some rest and get your deposit done! You silly girl!