Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barely hanging on....

Well, I did not get enough Zzzzzz's. I was so tired last night I was getting that sick to my stomach feeling. I hate that! I should have tried to catch a nap this afternoon, but it just didn't work out with church and then running around to get some errands done. Then my twin cousins had their 15 year old birthday party. Then I came home and did my small group bible study lesson. I know, I know... nothing like last minute. In all honesty I did not know what chapter we were on until last night, and even then I was misinformed, so I found out for sure at church this morning which chapter we were on. It was a good lesson this week. It talked about how it is important to be with other believers and how it is a needed source of encouragement to congregate with them often.

I got a small daily inspirational book today while I was out and about running errands. The inspiration for today was talking about planting better things in the place of the weeds we have just pulled out our lives. New Christians are able to grow better and faster if they replace one of their weeds (sins) with a better plant (prayer, Bible reading, and Christian fellowship). It talked about encouraging a new Christian by sharing with them how we've grown as Christians and show them how to plant something better in the place of their weeds and then rejoicing with them as something new grows from it.
Even as a seasoned Christian it is important to have a good upkeep of our gardens. Sin can so easily creep back in to our garden that it is almost to the point of overtaking are precious and beautiful plants before we notice the fact that they are there and need to be taken care of. It is so important to stay in constant contact with our Christian support systems, so we can more quickly acknowledge our sin and take care of it with the help of God so we can continue to keep our garden growing beautiful and able to help others flourish as well.

Tonight, we did our lesson fairly quickly, ate, and then srpung a surprise baby shower on Leah. She initially didn't want a shower, but I think she finally agreed it was a good idea after she saw all the boy stuff we got her. All she really had were girl things since she has an almost 2 year old little girl. But now she has a nice amount of stuff for little Cal. We had some good laughs tonight. Small group is pretty fun....when you can attend. :(

Tomorrow night I have to work. You know what that means....stay up as late as I can so I can sleep in as late as I can. I'm thinking tonight that I will maybe start reading a book. I don't know yet. I'm feeling kind of tired already and since reading kind of mellows me out that might not be such a good idea since I'm trying to stay up. Hmm....

It feels odd to me that I am not working on a Sunday night. It's nice.... I'm off every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the summer except for July 13th. It will be kind of nice to have my weekends back. I'll be glad when the summer is over because I won't be working as much period. I will also not have my online summer class anymore. It doesn't take that much time to comment on the online discussion thread, but I still have to remember to do it. Thankfully I only have 3 more weeks of that left. It actually ends two weeks before my extern does. Which reminds me I should probably be emailing the manager to let her know I'm interested in a position over the fall semester. Hmm... I should do that tomorrow. She's supposed to be leaving on vacation soon and I want to catch her before she leaves.

Ok, so I think that's it for now in regards to kind of catching you up. I was going to talk about my babysitting extravaganze of a weekend, but I was exhausted living it, and I think I would be exhausted all over again telling you about it, so I'm skipping that part. :p I'll be back soon I'm sure. This week should be much better since I don't have VBS.


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