Tuesday, June 24, 2008

200 posts!!!!

This isn't what I was getting on to blog about, but when I went to hit "new post" I saw that it was going to be number 200.

Happy 200th blog birthday to me!!!

I'm feeling much better today. I've come to the conclusion that I was severly dehydrated. AS I looked back on the day to see if I had eaten anything weird or been exposed to anyone/anything suspicious I realized that I had barely eaten or drank anything that day because I slept until 3 and then ate really fast before I left at 6. Silly girl! Note to self: Eat and definitely DRINK more before you go to work.

I've had this feeling all day that I will get in some sort of trouble for leaving work last night. I know (or atleast don't think) I won't, but the feeling I feel none the less. There was seriously no way I could have stayed though. Even the intensivist on call looked at me and said... "You're awfully quiet." Granted I'm not a normally loud person, but I was definitely not right. I was only at work a little over 3 hours before I had to get out of there. I feel bad that I missed out on the little heart baby I was assigned, but in retrospect, the nurse didn't want to answer my questions and she wouldn't let me do anything. The most interesting thing I did while I was there was walk to surgery and back. Yea... I know... you wish it was you instead of me.

Oh well, I'm better now, so I will work Thursday and Friday (and maybe Saturday if my educator thinks I need to " make up" the night I missed) as scheduled. Is that not the most retarded thing you've ever heard? We have to "make up" days we miss. Am I mistaken or is this not a job? Aren't we allowed sick time? Atleast one day anyway? I'm working over 300 hours this summer for pete's sake! That's 150 more than required for my class. I haven't heard back from her yet about it, so I guess I shouldn't get to wound up about it. I may not even have to make it up.

Anyway..... this post turned out to be a whole lot longer than "Happy 200 to me!" Imagine that.... me having more than just a "few" words to say.... Hmmm......


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