Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 3: Part 3

Well, tonight is the night that I stay up as late as I can, so I can sleep in as late as I can, so that I can stay awake as long as I can for work tomorrow night. Did you catch that? I'm listening to a little Legally Blonde the Musical soundtrack in honor of this part of the recap. :) Enjoy.........

Day 3: Part 3

We arrived back at that hotel around 4 o'clock and my feet were so sore from all the walking we had done that day. Here's a little bit of how I was feeling....

Along with this death stare I also had this to say....

I also have a video of Lisa, but I think she would seriously injure me if I shared it with you all. :)

It was shortly after we arrived back in our hotel room that delirium set in. We were giggling like crazy! It didn't matter what it was. Whether it be talking about how almost all of our cab drivers had the name Mohammed, Hol and I laughing at Lisa's near comatose state during the musical the night before, Holli spontaneously breaking out into song ('People Get Ready' to be exact by Crystal Lewis I believe), the fact that I thought there was an image of a face in our cupcake filling, or Holli reenacting the Lite Rock 107 tv commercials (I'm cracking up even as I type that and only people in our area will know what that commercial is). Oh yes, we were having a good ol' time during our "rest period".

We started getting ready around 6, and Holli came out of the bathroom laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she showed me her neck. She had gotten sun burnt and the outline of her necklace was on her neck. My nose was a little pink, but otherwise that was the only sun we got.

We took our picture before we left, and I tried on Lisa's night mask. Apparently her eyelids are too thin for sleeping in the dark. She gets bothered by even the tiniest bit of light, so she wears a mask. :p

That night we were headed to the Palace Theatre for Legally Blonde the Musical. The theatre was on times square, only a couple blocks away from our hotel, so we decided to walk. This is when I made the ingenious statement: "You have to walk like taxi drivers drive." It is so true! You just kind of have to swerve in and out, cut people off, and you NEVER apologize for it. If someone says excuse me or they're sorry you know they are from out of town. No one is sorry or polite in NY (atleast that's from my experience).

So we arrive at the cute little Palace Theatre and went inside to of course buy our souvenir for the night. I went with a shirt and Lisa bought the soundtrack.

The inside of the theatre was so cute. It had red velvet seats and it was just cute to me. I don't know... It felt very comfortable and personal. We had really good seats too.

The best thing about it was that the tickets were half off. Way to go Holli for finding the amazing deal! We were fortunate to see most of the original cast. Vivienne's character was supposed to have been played by Kate Shindle (Miss America '98), but instead that role was played by her understudy, as well as one of the P.M.S. girls who was a contestant on the tv show 'Grease: You're the One That I Want'. The rest of the main characters were all original though (Elle, Emmett, Paulette, Callahan, Warner, etc). I was so glad we got to see it because soon there will be a new Elle, and everyone knows it's very rare to find someone as good as the original. Anyway, so the musical was spectacular and Laura Bell Bundy was amazing, brilliant, and funny! Here's a little sneak peek. (This is the first scene of the play, so don't worry if you are a spoiler-phobe)

So afterwards we took some night pictures of Times Square, then headed back to the hotel.

We were not even a block away from the theatre when we saw the poster of the winners from 'Grease: You're the One that I Want'. We took a quick picture and were on our way again.

We were walking along 8th Avenue towards our hotel and a woman in a wheelchair was headed toward us. A "nice" man is walking next to her making sure that she has a clear path to get through. So we kindly step to the side and when she gets through he thanks us. This is what ensued after that:

Man: Thank you ladies.
Us: (continue walking, Lisa in front then me and Hol closely behind)
Man: You ladies are gorgeous
Us: (continue walking)
Man: (walking behind us) Man, you ladies are gorgeous!
Us: (continue walking)
Man: Guys (to the men around), don't tell me you don't see these ladies right here!
Me: (calmly) Ok, Lisa pick up the pace.
Lisa: (starts to speed walk/run)

Holli and I were laughing so hard by the time we reached our hotel. If you could only have seen Lisa take off like a shot through the crowd. We were cracking up! I said pick up the pace, not run for your life! Haha! So funny!

We got back to the hotel around 10:30 so we got to go to bed earlier than the night before and we had already resolved to sleeping in on Saturday because Lisa was starting to feel icky from lack of sleep and we were all starting to get a little exhausted by that time. So, that concludes our third day in the city. It was eventful, but if I had to choose I would say it was probably my favorite so far.


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Lisa said...

Seriously have tears streaming down my face at that last part. I really didn't even hear the guy say anything. :)