Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 3: Part 2

It feels like forever since I've blogged on my trip. It seems even longer ago that we went, but really it's only been a week. Wow... to type that seems weird. It seems like months since I was walking down the streets of Manhattan. Anyway... on to the recap..........

Day 3: Part 2

Well, we arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge. It looked mighty big, and we were going to walk across. We heard it takes about 25-40 minutes to walk across depending on fast you walk, but really it depends on how many times you stop to take pictures. Ha! I would recommend the walk, because you can see alot, and it was a beautiful day out, so it was especially nice.

Of course we weren't just walking to go say a quick hello to Brooklyn and then turn back around. No, we were on a mission. We were going to Grimaldi's for their notorious brick oven pizza. So after a little over a half hour or so walking across the bridge we came to the other side...Brooklyn.

Of course it wouldn't be us if we didn't get a little lost. Once we were over the bride we didn't know quite how to get to Grimaldi's so we asked a contstruction worker and consulted a map and about 10 minutes later we found it. We had 15 minutes to spare before they opened so we quickly got in line.

Grimaldi's runs their pizzeria in a very organized manner. They line you up outside and then when they open the "head guy" comes out and asks how many are in your party and then takes you in and places you at a seat. They don't sit you according to a certain section though. They just start lining you up and once a section is full they move on to the next. I couldn't help but feel a little like cattle being herded.
Anyway, so we sat down and ordered our pizza with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. It didn't take long for our pizza to bake and it looked delicious when it arrived at our table. Now, this is the part where I take a picture of our meals, but I was slightly afraid I would be whacked over the head with a canoli if they didn't allow camera inside. (BTW, a canoli was one of the few non-pizza items on the menu.) You should have seen the guy that was "running the joint". He seemed very mob-esque. I didn't want to cross him, that's for sure. However, we noticed a couple of other people with their cameras out, so I felt brave enough to get a couple pictures.

(If you look to the very far right in this picture, the guy in the black shirt in the background (who you can see his profile) is the "head honcho".)

The pizza was YUM! Funny story... so we're figuring out how much our bill is going to be and Lisa comes up with $21 or something. Well, she forgot to add the drinks on or something like that and I look at Holli and as we're discussing it we both decide it will be $24. Well not two seconds later, Lisa goes "No, it'll be $24." ??? Did we not just say that? Ha! It seems like we did that a lot on the trip. In fact, we do that a lot at home too.
So after we ate our pizza we walked down the street to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (aka a little bitty building).

Well, we must have picked the wrong day to come because there were 7,000 kids around (well not quite that many, but it seemed like it). There must have been an entire school field trip going on. We got in line and started slowly making our way to the counter to order (mind you there are children wall to wall, and then there's us standing there). I was beginning to wonder if we were allowed in or if they had the place shut down for the kids. They were open to everyone, thank goodness!! We all three got chocolate chocolate chunk ice cream (Lisa got almonds on hers) and it was DELICIOUS!

We hung around outside for a little bit and investigated the Telectroscope. It's basically a tunnel that is in NY and London. We can see eachother. How wild is that? Very interesting.... Hi London!

After we were done looking at that and took some pictures of Manhattan we were off to find a cab and head back to the city for our 1:30 appointment at the Sports Museum. Finding a cab should have been easy, because there were a ton at this one intersection. The problem... they all had people in them already! We walked around trying to hail a cab for close to 20 minutes before we finally got one. It was exhausting and me feet were very sore, so it was hard to run back and forth along the streets. We made it just in time for our appointment though and went right in. This was another place you couldn't take pictures. It was so cool too, so it's a shame that we couldn't take pictures. Well, we weren't supposed to take pictures. I snuck 1 or 2...but I felt very bad afterwards. :p Holli made me do it! Ha!

After the Sports Museum we wandered over to Battery Park to see the Sphere there.

(Notice this is off-centered... very unlike me and my photography striving abilities. Hol was rushing me because just as I saw that sign and wanted to catch a picture she said "Hurry up, we got a cab!" Lord knows, when there's a cab you don't mess around. Someone might snatch it right up from underneath your nose, and I think we searched long enough for a cab that day.)

We also encountered some very scary, terrifying, nightmare inducing Statue of Liberty posers.

Gave me the heebie jeebies just looking at them. *shudder*

Then it was off to our hotel for our daily rest before the show that night. We had the nicest driver going back to our hotel. He was quite funny about how slow the traffic was. He had a dry sense of humor, and I liked it. :)

Up next.... Our silliness in the hotel room, Legally Blonde the Musical, and Run for your life!!


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