Saturday, June 7, 2008


I'm feeling very off today.

I got off of work at like 8 (because report took an hour this morning) and came home to eat something. Then I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck. It wasn't as big as it will normally be, because it only has one week on it, but it still gave me enough to boost my savings and establish my checking account. I can now use my debit when I go somewhere (aren't you proud Robin?) instead of always having cash. So, I went to the bank and caught up with my sister on the phone. We barely talk now that I work nights and sleep during the day. :( Then, I came home, showered, and went to bed. I only slept about 4 hours, because I want to be able to sleep tonight so I can go to church in the morning. I miss my church family! Then I will HAVE to take a nap or rest in the afternoon, because I will never survive two nights of work in a row without it.

Well, I am not feeling well rested, and I kind of had a headache when I woke up, so that wasn't a good way to start. We had Monical's Pizza for dinner, and I was still feeling kind of hungry. With my new work schedule I am missing meals or don't eat very much for a meal, so my stomach is still trying to adjust. Anyway, I decided that ice cream sounded good, so I went and got the fam some ice cream. Well, when I got home and went to lift my dad's strawberry shake out of the bag the cup cracked and the lid snapped off. Luckily the shake just dumped in the bag, but I still felt bad that my dad's shake was not saved. He had like two drinks from it (because that's all that was left in the cup by the time I got it tipped right side up. Sorry dad!

He really wasn't too upset about it. He still hadn't eaten supper, so he happily decided to just eat his pizza. As I was try to cool down (from being so steamed) and go down to my room he all of a sudden says, "Megan! I have a medical question for you!" He startled me, because he made it sound like something was wrong. Stopped both me and mom in our tracks. Well, he posed the question, "Do you know what Laminin is?" I thought for a second and said "No, I've heard of Lamella." He kind of chuckled and said,"Every medical person I've asked that to hasn't known what it is." * "Well, what is it?" * "It's a protein molecule, like rebar that you put in cement." * "..... okay. How did you hear about it?" * "My junior highers told me about it on Wednesday night." * "How did they hear about it?" * "They found it on the internet I guess." At this point I'm thinking, is this for real? I don't think I've ever heard of this before. So I continue downstairs and dad pulls up this video on youtube.

Here I was 2 seconds away from becoming unglued and he brings this up. How crazy is that? God really is the glue that holds us together. My dad was just so excited to share that with me. :)
Now that I've shared it with you I need to skidaddle. I'm trying to upload pictures to my Myspace and Facebook (as promised) from our trip. The internet is being a little screwy so it's taking longer than I would have liked. I'm determined to finish it though. And if all goes well with that I will work on another trip post for here. Plus, I need to post on my online discussion. Goodness gracious! If you can't tell, I'm trying to do everything tonight so that I can have a free day tomorrow before I go to work.



Lisa said...

Okay, seriously, I was with the same Junior Highers dad was...when did they tell him about this? Totally missed it.

Louie Giglio is a good speaker. At one of the Chris Tomlin concerts he was talking about the univers and i think he showed us a cross there too? Do you remember that?

Krissy~ said...

I was at that concert and there was a cross in what I believe is call the egg nebula or something like that. Anyway Laminin is cool and thanks for sharing the video!