Saturday, June 14, 2008

NYC Recap- Day 5

Well here is the last part. Hope you've enjoyed it.....

Day 5

This day we just slept in since we didn't plan on going anywhere. We had thought about going back to Crumbs to get cupcakes to take home, but we figured that it would be too expensive to take a cab, so we didn't. Instead, we just stayed in our room, took a few more pictures and repacked.

Right before we went down to catch a cab to the ariport we saw an infomercial on ShamWow! You really will saw Wow everytime! :) We were totally enthralled.
So, we headed down to get a cab and as we were standing outside waiting for a bellhop to hail a cab for us a man approached us and asked if we wanted a ride to the airport. He said he was part of a car service and charged similar to what a cab would cost, but he had an SUV that was more comfortable. Now, he seemed nice enough, but we had been burned before so we were a little leery. We asked the bellhop what we should do and he said that Jose (that was the drivers name) was from a reputable company and that we could trust him. So that was enough for us. We loaded our bags into his SUV and off to LaGuardia we went. He was super nice. He talked to us the whole way there. He told us about his family, and a little bit about the city. MUCH better than the driver we had when we arrived. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him, but we got his card, so if you want a good, repuotable, honest driver when you go to NY, just let us know.
So we checked in at one of the kiosk stations (which are kind of nice) and then we went through security. We had a quick lunch and then went and sat at our terminal. We still had like 2 hours to kill, but it was fine. I called mom to tell her we were there, and everything was on time. Holli and Lisa read their books and I started on some sudoku puzzles. The wait didn't take too long and then we were boarding our plane. We were on a pretty big plane going to ATL. There were like 6 flight attendants. They showed an episode of Ugly Betty on the tvs. Luckily I had seen it before, so no need to buy the headphones. I started reading my book on the plane so it went pretty fast. Before we knew it we were in ATL and getting ready to endure our 4 hour layover. :/
We walked around a little bit and then searched for our terminal. For whatever reason our flight was not listed, so that had us searching for a little bit. We finally saw it on one of the screens and discovered they had changed our gate so we headed in that direction. If you have ever been in the Atlanta airport, you now it is ginormous. There is definitely a lot to do. We ended up eating at the Atlanta Bread Co. It's basically like Panera (but Panera is WAY better).

After that we headed over to Ben & Jerry's since it was right by our terminal. We had a Ben & Jerry's right across the street from our hotel, but we never made it over there, so we finally got some in ATL. It was yummy. I had Butter Pecan, and I'm not sure what Hol and Lis had. Something chocolate.... Anyway, we ate that and then began our long wait. We ended up sitting at the gate next to ours because there were more seats. A plane had just boarded to Ohio and passengers for the next flight to Minneapolis were arriving, so we quickly snatched up 3 seats. Of course I was seated next to one of the most annoying couples ever. I think they had just been on their honeymoon. They were sugary sweet together and I just couldn't take it. Thankfully, they got up and went for a walk. May the reading of my book and people watching continue!
We sat there for about an hour and a half and then when our gate boarded their flight, we went over there to sit for the rest of our wait. The layover actually went by pretty quickly. We all read some, and talked to people. It was fine over all.
About an hour before our plane was scheduled to board they starting calling for Mrs. Garcia (Thank you Holli, for letting me know her name). Well Mrs. Garcia never answered.
Pretty soon this airport employee wheels up an older woman in a wheelchair. He asked her where she wanted him to sit her. We assumed she had trouble walking or something. She seemed kind of out of it. Just smiling and looking around. Well he's getting ready to sit her wheelchair next to us and she gets right up out of the chair and walks away. The look on that guy's face was priceless. He just said, "Uh...okay...." then walked away. We were cracking up! The lady just got up and walked away. I have no idea where she went, but it was out of the gate area. Obviously farther than that guy thought she could walk. Too funny!
About 10 minutes before boarding they called for Mrs. Garcia again. Wouldn't you know it the old woman in the wheelchair was Mrs. Garcia! She walked up to the counter and they got her ready to board. Crack me up! he had been strolling around for over a half an hour by herself.
More and more people kept arriving at our gate and this one old woman had us cracking up. She was on her pink Razr cell phone talking to someone. All of a sudden we hear her say, " What?! You must have been drunk!!" Oh my word!!!! I thought we were going to die we were laughing so hard! She kind of chuckled because she saw us laughing, but we couldn't contain ourselves. Between her, Mrs. Garcia, and our exhaustion we couldn't keep it in any longer. Shortly after that she told her friend she had to go because her husband was waiting for her so they could pre-board. She was funny though. She had spunk, and I loved it!
So we boarded the plane and got situated. Hol and Lis were sitting together and I was by myself across the aisle, so I could look out the window if I wanted. (Poor Holli said she could smell Mrs. Garcia's perfurme the whole way home. :p) Our flight attendant was hilarious. Her name was Ashley. It was her first flight, so she was a little nervous. She did a great job though. She went through all the safety stuff, and when she got to the exit doors she said "Don't worry, you won't need them." Then when she was showing us how to use the seat belt and the oxygen masks she said "You won't need this, promise." She was too cute.
The flight was pretty uneventful. No turbulence, thankfully, and it actually seemed to go by pretty fast. The only bad thing about it was that I was just getting to the best part in my book when we landed and had to get off.
It was SO nice to be back in familiar territory! Mom and Dad were waiting for us. Mom held me for the longest time! I thought she was going to crush me! We went down to baggage claim, got our bags (Thank God our luggage never got lost or damaged) and then we were on our way home!!

Overall, the trip was amazing. There were a few bumps in the road, but it was unforgettable.

Plane tickets: $420-ish
Tickets to see three Broadway Shows: $300
Staying in a nice hotel 5 days, 4 nights: $1052.52
Going to NYC with two of your best friends for the first time: Priceless


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It was Mrs. Garcia. And I could smell her perfume the whole way home.

It was priceless!