Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Happy Birthday

This evening my family went to another birthday party. This time it was a surprise! Our good family friend Janeie was turning 4-0!! She doesn't look a day over 31 though! (I have to say 31, because Hol is 31... :p) In all honesty, when I heard about this party I was like "No! Janeie isn't 40 yet!" It didn't seem possible!
Well, of course I forgot my camera...again! What is with me not remembering to take my camera places?? I'm missing out on all these great moments! Oh well, there will always be a next time I suppose.
We got to see a few people we hadn't seen in awhile and got to catch up with some dear friends we've known ever since I was a baby. All in all it was a success, and a really good time was had by all!
So Happy Birthday Janeie!! You are truly a special person, and I love ya!


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blessedwith5 said...

I didn't realize Hol was 31! Wow! Where does time go?

It was great seeing you tonight! I have a ton of pictures of the party. I haven't downloaded them tonight yet!

We just got home - after stopping by mom and dads to do their new email on their computer we stopped by Pinky's for burgers and nachos!

Just heading to bed now!

Love and Hugs!