Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Naps are Not Over-rated

I love a good nap.

I went to bed at a fairly reasonable time and got up at a late morning hour. I had definitely gotten enough sleep. Or so I thought...

I was looking through a cookbook on the loveseat upstairs and wasn't even 10 pages in before my eyes closed. I don't think I even realized it either until my hand went lax and the book flipped shut. That jarred me awake for a few seconds and then I quickly drifted back into dreamland.

I should have known better. This loveseat is like my 'Nap Zone'. During my last semester of college and when I was trying to destress from studying for Boards I would take my book that I was reading at the time up to that loveseat and hunker down for some rest. It would never fail that I would doze off. There is something magical about that loveseat. [I heart it dearly.]

I am ashamed to say that I napped for 2+ hours and who knows when I would have woken up had my mom not called to tell me something. [Good ole mom! Always there to wake me from my slumber.] You're probably thinking, "Big deal. So you took a nap. It's not a crime." Well, you're right, it isn't. However, I had only been awake for two hours! When did I become one of those sleepy couch potatoes? Granted, I did take the dog for a walk the day before, and let me tell you it was not an easy task. Oddly enough the only muscles that hurt today were my gluteus maximus muscles. I think it was from leaning back and trying to compensate for her straining forward. Anyway, the point is, I know I'm not a lazy bum, it's just frustrating to need a nap after only being awake a few two short hours.

I must admit I felt pretty good right after I woke up, and then not even an hour later I felt tired again. It's like a viscious cycle! I did not give in to the temptation of my lovely nap zone again though. No siree, I did not! Instead I dropped on to my computer chair and wasted two mindless hours on the internet, reading blogs, checking facebook, replying to emails.... I should have read a book, but I can always do that tomorrow.


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