Monday, July 6, 2009

Summertime Playlist....

There are not many things I enjoy more than Summer, except for listening to good music during Summer.

It can be live music, radio boomin' while you're driving, itunes blaring in your headphones while you're working out, jammin' to tunes while poolside, the different combinations are endless...

Here are just a few of the tunes on my soundtrack for Summer....

Michael Buble- Everything [There's just something about his voice that makes the mood light]
Keith Urban- Sweet Thing [Keith screams Summer to me, although I love listening to him all year round.]
Taylor Swift- Crazier [I love her and this is a  good song for playing while you're swinging on the front porch unwinding after a long day--- that is if you have a swing, or a porch for that matter]
Beyonce- Single Ladies [This is just fun and a good workout song.]
Hillsong- Mighty to Save [Good worship song, also good for all year round.]
Sugarland- It Happens [Very enjoyable song and even more enjoyable that my sis learned all the words and can serenade me if ever asked. :)]
Watermark- The Glory of Your Name [I can just imagine an outdoor worship concert with this song.]
Lee Greenwood- God Bless the USA [I can not let a Summer pass me by without listening to this song atleast 10 times.] 
Chris Tomlin- God of This City [I first heard this song in a youtube video of Kris Allen leading worship at his church (One more reason to love that guy) and have fallen in love with it.]
Jason Mraz- I'm Yours [This is just a good beach-y song. Oh how I wish I was laying on a beach somewhere getting a tan.]

I know, my list is quite eclectic, but this is what I'm enjoying listening to right now. That's why they're called mixes. 


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Hol said...

My trusty, rusty had a flat. I borrowed my neighbor's Cadillac.
I'll be right back! Going down to Wally World! :)