Monday, July 6, 2009

The One Titled: Wes, Go Back Where You Came From! (That is if they'll take you back)

*UPDATED UPDATE* Just because I can't get enough of other people bashing Wes, here is Trista Sutter's [you know, the Original Bachelorette] take on last night's episode.

*UPDATE* I was blinded by my extreme hatred remiss earlier when I was typing this and didn't put in some of the best lines from Wes. Since I forgot here is a link to Chris Harrison's blog. He really is one funny guy. 

This week on the Bachelorette, Jillian took the four remaining guys to Spain for individual dates.

Kiptyn: Jill obviously feels a strong chemistry with Kip, but she is still struggling with whether or not he can open up to her more. I think she was a little put off by the fact he wasn't even close to the whole proposal thing. She likes him too much to let that get in the way at this point. He seems so quiet and not forward at all, which I think she's waiting for a little. Oh my word with the dancing. I was afraid he was going to bust the seam in his pants. He was dancing so awkward I think he was afraid of the same. I was very proud of Jill that she turned down the fantasy suite and Kip handled it well. How awkward were they in her room. He seemed uncomfortable to me or something. Maybe I'm the only one that picked up on that. Hmm...

Reid: He's adorable and dorky at times. :) They have so much fun together. Shopping was pretty funny. Apparently he's "Soy grande" aka "I'm Big" :) Hey, atleast he knew some spanish and was throwing it out there. Jill obviously was more confused what with her English/French/Sign language talk. :) They had an enjoyable picnic lunch on a bench, and again Jill turned down the fantasy room at their dinner. I love how they were keeping it real (no editing, even when Jill almost knocked over her wine glass). Reid and Jill definitely have fun together, but he's just slow at opening up. I think that was the key phrase tonight. Everyone seems slow to open up and share their true emotions. I guess none of them thought of that when they signed up for a fast-paced television show.  

[Side Note: How awkward were the waiters in this episode? They came in at awkward times and it was like everything stopped when they came on screen.]

Ed: Oh, Ed.  I'm so glad he's back. However, I'm super annoyed that all they seemed to be able to talk about was "all the time he's missed" (and by all the time we are referring to the two whole weeks he was gone). I am ready for them to quite dwelling on that and move on. Granted they did miss out on being able to meet his family, but they could always talk on the phone or via Skype. Hello people, we do live in a technologically advanced time now. Jill obviously cares for Ed, I mean look at how broken up she was when he left. She is clearly thrilled to have him back. As we all are Jill, as we all are.

Wes: To even type his name just makes me so angry. This guy is a dirty rotten scoundrel, snake, sorry excuse for a human being.... I could go on! I was dreading his date and you could tell from his body language and how he talked he was too. He was downright rude to Jill several times at the beginning of their day and I felt bad for her because things were going so bad. The thing that killed me is when they were having lunch and she's trying to have a serious conversation with him about what they would do if she chose him and he is avoiding all her questions. "That bird has no foot." What?!  Focus you idiot! I mean, all of America knows at this point that you aren't there for her, but if you are still expecting her to believe you are there for her you better do a better job at acting than that! Thankfully she picked up on his lack of interest in her and started asking "the tough questions" [you know the ones we've heard 20,000 times before this time] during dinner. How much were you excited that he slipped up and said "My girlfriend, uh... I mean ex-girlfriend"? I was down right giddy. I'm so glad he didn't try to recover from it and just stopped talking there. I can't believe that when he read that fantasy suite card he said "I think we should do it." ???? Were you not just sitting at the table talking to Jill while she cried and you said you had a girlfriend. Her response, "I think we should skip it." Smart girl. 
The two of them, along with the rest of America knew he was going home, so I don't know why the formality of a rose ceremony at this point, but whatever. 

The rose ceremony: If it wasn't obvious before who should go home before, it was then. He was sticking out like a sore thumb! Hello!!! You do not wear jeans to a rose ceremony, let alone a rose ceremony in Spain! I could not believe what he said to the guys! The look on their faces was priceless. They were as appalled as we were! I'm glad she chose Ed first, and then Reid, and poor Kip who was last was shakin' in his boots I'm sure. Thankfully she used the good sense God gave her and sent Wes packing. About time!!! If his actions and words in the limo didn't tell you how much a scum bag he really was you have problems.  He can go back where he came from with his stupid songs and girlfriend (if she stays with him). I hope to never see his face again. He should be ashamed of himself. I bet Jill feels like an idiot now that she ever liked him, but as she said it had to be in her time and no one else's when he went home. Her reasoning made sense, but it was still frustrating for us viewers at home.  

Now, the tough part comes. How to choose between the three remaining guys? I am not loving Kiptyn so much now, but any of them are fine with me at this point. I'm hoping for Ed, but I don't know how they'll get past the whole "You missed so much" portion of their relationship. And Reid is just so nice and funny I would be sad to see him go. I'm glad it's her making the decision and not me.   Also, I missed Chris Harrison a little bit this week. It seemed weird to not have him there to say "Gentlemen, Jill, this is the final rose of the night." and "Wes, say your goodbyes and get the heck out of here. In fact don't even say goodbye, just leave!" Okay, so I'm paraphrasing for Chris on that last one, but you know he would have been thinking that.  

*Sigh* I'm glad I got that off my chest. One more thing... I hope he's tarred and feathered when he gets back to his hometown. I hope he gets kicked out of his band, his truck breaks down, his girlfriend leaves him and his dog runs away. Atleast he'll have good material for his music career. Okay, now I'm done... I think.


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