Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We Are the World...

Well, unless you are living under a rock, you saw or at least knew that Michael Jackson's memorial service was on television this afternoon. I wasn't really planning on watching it. In fact, I was invited to go to a friend's pool, but woke up with a dreadful headache and ended up bumming around the house instead. 

It was odd to watch the memorial, because while there were people sharing stories about MJ and singing his songs, there were cameras flashing everywhere, tickets and bracelets were needed for admission... It was just odd to me. 

Several celebrities spoke and shared personal stories. Of course many sang his ever popular songs. Jennifer Hudson did a wonderful job with "Will You Be There". However, all I could think was she looks like she could give birth any second. The part that got me the most though, was at the end when several artists sang "We Are the World" and Michael's family joined them onstage. I definitely got a little teary, not only because that is a good song, but because no matter what you thought of Michael Jackson, he was still a person and his family is deeply saddened by the loss. 
What got me even more choked up was when his daughter spoke. She is a mere eleven years old, and it was heartbreaking to see her bawling up on stage. I'm surprised she even spoke given the sheltered life that she and her brothers led. I guess this is a new beginning for all involved.

I'm sure we will still be seeing coverage and unfortunately battles in the next few months, but hopefully all of the people involved have those kids best interest at heart, because Lord knows they don't need to go through anymore heartache than necessary right now. 


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