Sunday, October 12, 2008

St. Jude & New Wheels...

Yesterday morning the three of us girls headed out bright and early for the St. Jude Wellness Walk at Tower Park in the Heights. Lisa's work was one of the teams represented and Holli and I went along. The walk started at 8am (yuk!), but registration started at 7 and Lisa had to be there at 7:30a (double yuk!). It was a gorgeous morning, so that was nice, but it was still a bit too early for me. The walk was 3 miles long and it took place along Granview Drive. It was an awesome view to see all of the leaves changing and not to mention the houses (whoa!). The hills about near killed me though. My legs are aching a little today because of it. We had a pretty good time though, and got some exercise too!

(I was one of the people drawn to win a raffle prize!!! A St. Jude notebook with a 2005/2006 calendar in the back. You would have thought they could have ripped that out before giving them away. Oh well... paper is paper.)

After the walk we went car shopping for Lisa. She decided that she wanted a new one after her current one was "making road noise". Plus, she had already paid it off, so isn't that about time to get a new one. I mean, you can't be without a car payment for too long. :p She ended up settling on a Ford Fusion. While Lisa, Hol, and Dad all went to do negotiations, trade ins, and all that other stuff that involves buying a car I came home and worked on some things for school and got changed for our movie that night.

All in all it was a pretty good day... that is until I got an email from my manager. She scheduled me for a ton of days in the next month that she did not discuss with me first. This is after she "berated" me for calling off yesterday due to having to work on my project and such and too much other stuff going on. She told me to "look ahead at my schedule more carefully so we could avoid any other bumps in the road". Excuse me, but how am I supposed to make sure we don't have any "bumps in the road" if she doesn't talk with me about the days she's scheduling me for??? Luckily, I was able to work all of the days but one. That weekend I am going up to Chicago with some girlfriends to see a show and just have a girl's weekend before things get crazy with finals, graduation, and NCLEX.

Anyway, you don't want to hear about my work woes, and trust me I could go on forever about how upset I am. I hope everyone is having a good Sunday! I'm off to eat lunch. Homemade chicken pot pie! Yum!


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Jeanette said...

A Ford? Doesn't she know that Ford stands for:




I must tease!! Lunch sounds Yummy!