Thursday, October 23, 2008

Senior Project: CHECK

Well, the week is done for me. As I type this I was all of a sudden overwhelmed with fatigue.

Today I presented my senior project after clinical. Talk about nervous! We had to wait an entire day before presenting. That's just not nice! I was within the time limit and should have my grade by the weekend... I hope.

Two One presentation.
Three Two Exams.
Three Finals.
Four papers.
850 700 NCLEX/MedsPub questions (approximately).
Six Five shifts left of work on 2400.
One girl's weekend.
Two more MOPS until graduation.
One concert.
One retreat.
Eight Seven weeks until Graduation.
Seven Six weeks until finals.

Now that this big hurdle is over I can move on to papers and my last presentation. The weeks are winding down and graduation is creeping closer. The excitement is building!!

This weekend is Ladies' Retreat at church. I'm going to try and cram in as much work as I can in the next 22 hours before I leave, so that I don't have to worry while I'm not home working on school work. My goal tonight is to do more NCLEX questions and knock out 80% or more of my paper that is due in a week and a half. Not sure if it can be done, but I already have 40% done, so it shouldn't be too difficult... I hope.

Well, I better get to work. Hope you all are staying dry on this rainy Fall day. :)


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