Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dog Allergic Reaction & Morning Scare!

Poor Sydney!

When I got home from school today this is what I saw.

Doesn't she look horrible??? She looks like she has bubble wrap under her fur!
My dad isn't sure what happened. He can't remember when she started looking like that, so she could have been bit by something or gotten into something outside. We've got her on Benadryl and she is looking a little bit better now. She just has red, tired eyes now. :(
So this morning.... yea, that was fun.
My mom left around 6:15 for work and I got up to get ready for school. To my knowledge I was home alone. I started getting ready. Did my hair, changed my clothes, put my binder in my bag, then headed upstairs for a quick bite to eat and make some coffee. So get upstairs, flip the radio on and start making breakfast. About 5 minutes later I hear the bathroom door creak slowly shut. Yea, it was like right out of a horror movie. So I stand there for a second and listen. Nothing. I move closer to the bathroom and stop. Listen. Nothing. So I look over at the counter and see my cell phone and my keys and think, I could run for it if I needed to. Then I think to myself, The bathroom door has shut on it's own before. It's probably just the wind. ....Is it even windy outside? No, it's not.
My fight or flight response was just kicking in when I heard it... the toilet flushed. *sigh* I'm pretty sure a burglar would not be flushing the toilet if they were trying to be covert. So I head over to the back door and look into the garage... Dad's car is still here.
Now that my heart was beating 10x faster than normal I went back over to the sink when my dad came into the kitchen. I told him he had scared me half to death because I didn't know he was here and he replied, "I have the week off." Yea, I got that now Dad.
Needless to say I didn't need coffee to wake me up anymore, but I took it to school with me none the less. It kicked in about 11:15 when I was trying to write down things for my test next week. I was so jittery my hands were shaking like leaves. I think that probably had something to do with not eating very much this morning. Something about being scared half to death really decreases your appetite.
Anyway... hope you all had a good day!

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